DIY: Mickey Song Lyric Tote Bag

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Hello Mousekteers!  I have another cool DIY project to share with you today!  Here is what we are going to be making!

Cool right?  And pretty easy to make!  All you need is a plain white tote bag, some fabric markers, and a cutout of whatever shape you want to use for your bag (I chose Mickey, of course).

First, tape your cardstock shape down in the center of your bag.

Then use the fabric markers to write out your song lyrics (my bag uses “When You Wish Upon a Star”).  I used black for the majority, but then chose to highlight the words “star” and “heart” by writing them in yellow and red.

The hardest part of this is making the spacing work on the left side of your shape.  You want to get as close to the cutout as possible so you are making a clear and defined shape.  This is much easier on the right side where you can start your word wherever you need to.  Keep an eye on the spacing and leave extra space in between words if you need to.

And there you have it!  A super cute and personalized tote bag that is perfect for a day at the parks!  Plus, you could do plenty of different shapes and songs, I think my next one will be a seashell and the lyrics to “Part of Your World”!  What shapes and songs would you try?

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