How to Rep Your Fandom and Still Look Cute

One of the best, hardest, most expensive parts of being a fangirl and embracing my inner nerd is the uncontrollable urge to buy all the things. Because nerd-dom is so popular these days, the merch is out of this world cute. And I need to buy all of it. I used to only rep my fandoms during fandom appropriate situations. If I’m going to see Star Wars, then I wear my Star Wars gear. If I’m going to Universal Studios, I wear Harry Potter. Etc. Now the nerdiness has spread, and I wear my fangirl goods all the time. There are some keys to dressing for your fandom without looking like a walking billboard for said fandom, and these are all “rules” I try to follow and recommend to all my fellow fangirls. However, the best thing about repping your fandom is that there are no rules. So read this and absorb, but in the end, do whatever the eff you want.

Falon’s Fandom Fashion Guidelines:

Accessories are queen. I was gonna write “king”, but let’s be real. Accessories are queen. I mostly stick to repping my fandom through my accessories. Of course I have plenty of fandom related t-shirts and even some sweatshirts, but for the most part, I keep it to jewelry and scarves. These are super cute yet subtle ways to show off your favorite fandoms. Most people will just see these accessories as another necklace or pair of earrings, but for those in the know, they will catch your fandom references, and hey, you might even make a new friend because of it.

Marauder’s Map scarf from Etsy, Harry Potter card catalog necklace from By the Book Boutique, Hogwarts is Home button from past Owl Crate box

Stick to one fandom at a time. Unless you are going to some kind of convention or nerd-dom extravaganza, I recommend picking one fandom to rep per outfit and sticking within that fandom. This has always been one of my pet peeves at theme parks. I hate when people where DC or Universal properties to Disneyland. I don’t like when people wear Disney stuff to Universal Studios. I think that has translated over to my fandoms. Each one is its own entity and it should remain somewhat separate. (I realize this gets confusing as Disney continues to buy everything on the planet, so the lines may blur, but for the most part, just pick one fandom per day and roll with it.)

Wonder Woman pin and Thor hammer necklace from Femme De Bloom, wood earrings from Vector Engraving, Avengers fabric from JoAnn

Wear only two fandom related items at a time. Again, unless you are attending a convention, the less is more rule is in effect. If you are wearing a Star Wars shirt, leggings, earrings, necklace, and scarf, it’s just too much. The point of this blog post and my angle on repping your fandom is that you should be able to do it every day and go about your normal life. In other words, you should be able to rep your fandom and still look professional and put together. So limit yourself to two fandom items per outfit.

R2D2 shirt from Target, BB8 wood earrings from Vector Engraving

Have fun and don’t be afraid to be yourself. I have had this Stormtrooper necklace for two years, and I had only ever worn it to Star Wars events. A couple of weeks ago I had  meeting with a new couple whose wedding I am planning. Normally I would have reached for one of my other, non-fandom necklaces,  but I decided to throw on this bad boy instead. I can almost guarantee that the majority of people I encountered that day just saw a silver necklace. And the ones who recognized it either didn’t care, or they loved it. I received a lot of compliments, and my bride even mentioned how much she loves my nerdiness. Win!

Stormtrooper necklace from Love and Madness

To reiterate, these are my guidelines for rocking your fandoms without being super over the top. You should wear whatever makes you happy and makes you comfortable. Don’t be afraid to show off your fangirlhood. Wear that shit proudly.

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