Things That Have Pissed Me Off Lately

Hello readers and welcome to another Monday. I figured a Monday is a great day for a super ranty post about everything pissing me off lately. Things are going pretty great for me right now so not sure why I’m so impatient these days, but I’m not going to fight the feelings, I’m just going to put it out into the world so you all can feel annoyed too. You’re welcome. Things that are really pissing me off right now:


Inconsiderate people in the Starbucks Drive Thru. The idea for this post stemmed as I was waiting in line in the Starbucks drive thru that recently opened near my house. I’m going to assume that since the drive thru is new to our area, that is why people have no idea how to use it. So hopefully all my neighbors are reading this so they can learn. The drive thru is for people who are in a hurry. The drive thru is for people who want to get in and get out. The drive thru is for people who don’t have time to get out of their cars. The drive thru is not for people ordering ten frappucinos. The drive thru is not a place for you to have a conversation with the barista. The drive thru is not a place for you to explore the menu. If your order takes longer than thirty seconds to relay to the drive thru operator, you don’t belong in the drive thru.

Unavailable Podcasts. I really hate when I get in my car for a long drive, excited to listen to my favorite podcasts, and when I hit play my phone tells me the podcast is unavailable. Why you gotta play me like that iTunes?

Parents Who Don’t Support Their Children. This one stems from a recent wedding where some of the groom’s family, including his father, decided not to come. Now I obviously have no idea what the circumstances were behind the decision, but I don’t really care. As a parent, you should want your child to be happy. Period. And if your kid is happy (and in a healthy, non-abusive relationship), you shut up and be there for them. This one is a hot button for me as I have known several people in my life whose parents cut them out when they told their parents they were gay. And I have actually had people say to me in the past that I would understand why the parents acted that way once I had a child of my own. Well, the opposite is true mother effers. Now that I have a kid of my own, I cannot believe that there are parents who would cut ties with their kid because of who they love. My kid could murder someone and I would still be there to support him (after expressing some serious disappointment, obvs).


People Who Knock Hamilton. Ugh. So you want to be that person. You want to find fault with the most popular and acclaimed musical of all time. Cool story. Can you give me one legit reason (like can be substantiated with evidence reason) why? Here’s what I’ve heard: It’s too long. False. It’s shorter than several popular musicals, including Les Mis. Also, it just means more awesomeness to love. The choreography is weird. It’s called contemporary and it’s different, and ground-breaking. Oh, and it won the Tony. The raps are simplistic. This one came from someone who actually claims to have seen the play, but obviously doesn’t understand what the word simplistic means. Here are some of the words used in raps in Hamilton: ascendancy, manumission, venerate, inimitable, quagmire, parapet, reticent, intransigent, polymath, and diametrically. If you can use each of those words in a sentence, then you can call Hamilton simplistic. Also, the next time you are writing a historical musical, make sure you throw in multiple direct references to American documents written before the year 1810 and at least one quote from Shakespeare. Suck it.

This Season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Snooze. Fest. I’m so bored of all the non-conflicts, and I am over Teresa.

The Way Some Women Reacted to Donald Trump’s Recorded Conversation. Approximately zero percent of the population was surprised to hear Donald Trump saying he feels comfortable grabbing women without their permission. Not exactly a surprise. What is surprising is to hear some women defend, and even celebrate those comments. Those women must be super special unicorn women who have never been degraded by a man’s words before. I remember the first time a guy made a sexually explicit comment to me. I was twelve. A boy who shall remain nameless because we have Facebook friends in common came up to me during PE and told me that all the boys in class would get together to watch me run and then talk about my boobs (saying I developed early would be an understatement). It was the first time I can remember feeling ashamed of my body. I didn’t even really understand the full context of what he said, I just knew that I felt humiliated, and that I was obviously doing something to encourage them. Like I was responsible for them standing around and watching me, and then talking about me. So if you think locker room talk is no big deal, you’re wrong. It’s been over twenty years since I heard that comment and I remember it in great detail. And I have had body image issues ever since that moment. If you are a woman condoning those comments, you’re seriously pissing me off.


Bad Drivers Are Always Pissing Me Off. I spend a lot of time on the road on some of the most crowded freeways in the country. If you are going the speed limit in the fast lane, you’re pissing me off. If you turn or change lanes without signaling, you’re pissing me off. If you cut people off, you’re pissing me off. If you don’t know how to merge, you’re pissing me off.

I actually feel a little bit better! I hope I didn’t entirely ruin your Monday. Feel free to vent to me about what is pissing you off in the comments.

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weekend in santa barbara

A Weekend Trip to Santa Barbara 

A couple of weekends ago, I got to coordinate a wedding up in Santa Barbara and used it as an excuse to spend a weekend out of town and exploring. Santa Barbara is about 90 miles north of LA, though the drive can take as long as three hours if traffic is bad. Luckily, I left on a Friday at 11:00 am and didn’t have to worry much about traffic. I stayed in a little studio that I found on Air BNB that was perfect for the trip since it was just me and I was working the majority of the weekend.

I arrived in Santa Barbara in the afternoon and headed straight to the wedding venue for the walk through and the rehearsal. The wedding was held at the University Club, and the venue was absolutely gorgeous and the staff was amazing. If you are looking to get married in Santa Barbara, you should definitely check it out (and also hit me up if you need a wedding coordinator!). After the rehearsal I went to check into my room and spent a few minutes getting settled and freshening up. I then headed out to go find something tasty and simple for dinner. I happened to find Fresco Cafe via Yelp and it was the perfect place for a solo dinner. They had an awesome patio, yummy Italian food, and the most important part of any meal: wine. I had the caprese sandwich and it was really tasty.

The next day was wedding day so I didn’t have a ton of free time, but I did, of course, make time for coffee and breakfast. I headed to Handlebar Coffee Roasters, which was convenient to both the wedding venue and my studio. I also found this coffee place on Yelp, and based on the line out the door, knew it was going to be yummy. The coffee was good, but what really sold it was the almond croissant. It was literally one of the best pastries I have ever eaten and I would go back to Handlebar just for the croissant.

The wedding on Saturday was absolutely amazing and such a beautiful day. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but the couples I work with are all just awesome people. They are down to earth and relaxed, and always so appreciative of my hard work (so like, the exact opposite of my teaching administration).  It was one of my favorite weddings I have done this year and I am so hoping to work at the University Club again soon!

On Sunday I woke up tired and sore, as is usual after a long wedding day, but I was also excited to do some Santa Barbara exploring. I had been to SB before as it is home to a pretty popular college (UCSB) that I had friends go to, but had never really spent time dedicated to exploring the town. Coffee was obviously my first priority, and this time I headed to the French Press, which is located on State Street, the main downtown drag.

I knew I wanted to walk by City Hall since it is a gorgeous building and luckily it was only a couple blocks away from the coffee shop. I think if I were getting married in Santa Barbara, I would be tempted to just go to City Hall!

For lunch I headed to the Santa Barbara Public Market, which houses several small food stall type shops. I had a really tasty sandwich and mint lemonade and got a nice break from the heat (that was probably the only downside of the weekend–it was just as hot in Santa Barbara as it was in LA, which is unusual).

I spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around the shops on State Street. There are a bunch of little local boutiques, along with some art galleries and some chain shops like Old Navy and Paper Source (which might be my favorite store ever).

My last stop before hitting the road was McConnell’s Ice Cream shop. I didn’t do a ton of research about places to eat for my weekend, but the couple of posts I saw all mentioned McConnell’s as a must do, and all those posts were right. I consider myself to be something of an ice cream aficionado, and this was definitely some of the best I have had. I got peanut butter cup and salted caramel and both flavors were amazing.

Overall I had an amazing weekend in Santa Barbara. The only bummer was that Matt and Squirt weren’t able to come with me. It would have been a much more fun trip with the two of them along, but I still had a great time (and alone time is not such a bad thing in the grand scheme of mom life). I am really hoping I get to do some more work in Santa Barbara soon, and maybe next time the boys will come and we’ll make a family trip of it!

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cute halloween crafts

DIY: Pretty Halloween Crafts

Halloween is just two weeks away (how did that happen?!?!?) and the season is in full swing. Now, while I am all about fall and Halloween, I am so not into the gore and monsters and yucky stuff that sometimes come along with the holiday. I am much more into the pretty and cute side of Halloween (you can’t separate me from my pink!). So today I have two cute Halloween themed crafts to share with you for those of you who also may want to skip out on the blood and guts. Here’s what we’re making!

I obviously had to make some Halloween themed Minnie ears, and when I saw this fabric at Joann I pretty much squealed out loud with joy. It’s so cute! But also Halloween! I knew it was the perfect fabric to make my Halloween ears (despite the fact that I had previously purchased not one, but two other Halloween themed fabrics to make ears with…don’t judge me). I made these ears following the same tutorial that can be found here. I LOVE how these came out! It was kind of tricky to match up the fabric with the images that I wanted, and I burned the crap out of my fingers working on this bow, but it was so worth it!

Next I wanted to make a tote bag for carting around all of my Halloween goodies. This pink tote bag came in a pack that included an orange and a mint green bag as well. Originally I was going to do some sort of bat or something else Halloween-ish on the orange bag, but then I figured why not make something that is a little more versatile? Let’s be real, I am maybe going to use an orange bag with a bat on it once or twice, but a pink bag with a heart can be used anytime!

Making this bag was super simple. All I did was cut out a black heart from glitter heat transfer vinyl and use my iron to adhere it to the bag. Since I wanted to add at least a little Halloween to the bag, I attached these three Disney villain inspired buttons from Cheery Human Studios. I love that they add a bit of evil for the next two weeks, but that they are easily removable when Halloween is over.

I love how both of these projects came out! Pink, black, and orange is a great color combo and I love how the colors pop and are super vibrant.

Are you more into cute Halloween or scary Halloween? What do you think, should pink become an official Halloween color?

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book review

Read, Reading, Next Up: October

This post contains affiliate links.

Hello fellow bookworms! I have seen a few of these types of posts floating around blogland and decided to try it out for myself. I have a feeling this will become a sporadic series here, so I hope you like it! The basic premise is I tell you a little about the book I most recently finished, what I am currently reading, and what is next up on my TBR (to be read) list. And I’ll give you my opinion on them because I like to pretend you care about what I think. Lolz.

Read: Okay, first is the book I just finished reading, which is Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. This is the first book I received from Blogging for Books and I was super excited to read this one. I heard good things about Mindy’s first book, and from what I know of her TV career, she seems like a gal who is funny and smart. I really enjoyed Mindy’s writing style, she is certainly humorous and knows how to entertain her audience. She comes off as very relateable and real, which I appreciate in a memoir writer. It definitely had that “we could be friends” in real life vibe (which given my close proximity to where her show shoots, could actually happen one day!). I had no idea she is a graduate of Dartmouth, which clearly speaks volumes about her intelligence level. There were several chapters in the book that I truly enjoyed reading, but my favorite was the breakdown of a typical day in the life of Mindy Kaling. It was really cool and interesting to see what goes on in her standard day (spoiler alert: it’s a lot). As a writer myself, I particularly liked the glimpse at her writing process for The Mindy Project and what goes into an episode script.

The main thing I found lacking in Why Not Me? was some sort of through-line. The individual chapters and sections tied together, but there was no tangible overall theme to the book. I think that leaves it a little lacking in terms of being a “memoir”–I don’t feel there is a defined purpose to the book as a whole. It was entertaining and enjoyable, but not a book I would say made any sort of lasting impact. Why Not Me? would be great for a day at the beach, or if you are looking for something that is fun and doesn’t require a lot of brain power.

Reading: I know I am way late to the game on the Lunar Chronicles series (what else is new), but I finally picked up Cinder by Marissa Meyer and just started reading it last weekend. So far I am really enjoying it. As you can probably discern from the title and cover, Cinder is loosely based on Cinderella, but this is definitely not your standard re-telling. Cinder is way more sci fi than fairy tale, and it also includes a lot of elements I would associate with dystopian young adult novels. If you have read any of my other book themed posts, you know I am a huge fan of YA lit, in particular YA series, so I’m not sure why it took me so long to read this one. I am about halfway through and I can’t wait to keep on reading!

Next Up: I took Squirt to Barnes and Noble today and was SO EXCITED to see Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas is finally available in paperback. I finished the previous book in her series over the summer, but didn’t want to buy book four in hardback when I had the other three in paperback (my series books need to match, people!). This is definitely next up on my list, though I might have to go back and scan through Heir of Fire to make sure I remember everything that happened. As I stated in my previous review, Heir of Fire was not my fave in the Throne of Glass series, and I am hoping Queen of Shadows gets back on track.

Have you read any of my Read, Reading, or Next Ups? Tell me your thoughts (no spoilers!) and let me know if there is something you think I should add to my TBR list!

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Halloween food at Disneyland

Halloween Food List Check In 

It’s hard to believe, but the month of October is almost halfway over! Seriously, where has the time gone?!?! A few weeks ago I devised a checklist of all of the Halloween Time sweets and treats I wanted to try this fall at the Disneyland Resort. I have been making pretty good headway, but I do still have a few items to squeeze in before the end of the month. Guess I am going to have to make some special trips to the park (aw shucks!). Today I want to focus on the goodies I have been able to try so far and give you some of my thoughts!

First is the maple creme brulee from Jolly Holiday at Disneyland. This is one of my favorite things I have eaten at Disneyland ever. I am a big fan of anything maple flavored, and you can’t really go wrong with creme brulee. I would eat this all the time if it became a regular fixture at the park.

The caramel apple smoothie from Schmoozies at California Adventure was also super tasty. Even though this is a fall flavor, given that it is a frozen smoothie, it is great for a So Cal “fall” day (aka when it’s still 80 degrees in October).

This sweet treat wasn’t on my original list, but I couldn’t pass up a poison apple cake pop. It was yummy, but I really wanted it for the cuteness factor.

This is the pumpkin twist, which is available at Maurice’s Treats at Disneyland or at Cozy Cone at DCA. This one was just okay. I liked that it had a good dash of cinnamon to complement the pumpkin, but it would have been better if it were served heated.

You can’t go wrong with just about anything at Carthay Circle, and that certainly goes for the poison appletini. I actually had one of these last year so it was kind of cheating putting it on my list again, but I will drink one of these bad boys every Halloween if I can. It’s super tasty, and you get to keep the awesome poison apple ice cube!

This is the spider parfait from Pizza Port at Disneyland. It’s got a layer of chocolate, then a layer of orange, then a layer of chocolate. The orange is a little fake tasting, but the chocolate is really yummy. I don’t know that I love the combo, but it’s an okay dessert.

The supernova pizza special from Pizza Port turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I had no idea what was on the seasonal pizza until I saw it, and honestly even then I wasn’t totally sure what it was all about. This pizza has a garlicky sauce, Canadian bacon, a ranch type drizzle, and fried pickles. Yeah, you read that right, fried pickles. Fried pickles are one of my all-time favorite foods. You put them on pizza, and I am a happy camper. I wasn’t expecting this to be as good as it was, and I would definitely eat this again.

I am hoping it starts to get a little cooler during the next two weeks so that I am actually in the mood to try all the soups on the list. Have you eaten anything tasty at Disneyland or Disney World this fall season? What would you most like to try?

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5 Things to Buy for Your Wedding That You Can Reuse Later

As you might know if you have been around this blog for a while, I recently left my teaching job to continue to build my wedding coordinating business (in addition to staying home with Squirt and working on this here blog). Every once in a while I will share some of my wedding wisdom here for all you lovely folks. I love working on weddings for so many reasons, but one of the main ones is how it allows me to use my creativity, and a lot of that creativity comes into play when looking at the budget. We all know that weddings are expensive.  Even if you are DIYing, you will have to spend some cash to make your big day possible.  One way to make those costs seem not so painful is to look for items for your wedding that you can reuse later on in your married life.  Some of these items may be party supplies while others can be decor.  You can get very creative with reusing your wedding items and the bonus is you will be reminded of your special day every time you see them!  Here are five items from my own wedding that I have reused:

We bought 100 of these cheapie wine glasses from Ikea because it was less expensive than renting them from a supply company (our caterer provided all of our other dishes/flatware so this would have been the only item we rented from an outside company).  Because we had so many, I gave some away and kept some for myself.  I have never run short on wine glasses (even for parties!) and I don’t really care about breaking them since they were inexpensive and already served their main purpose.

These drink containers were actually purchased by my mom and I luckily inherited one of them after the wedding.  I have used it at several parties, and even went out and bought a second one.  It is a cute and easy way to have water/non-alcoholic beverages available to guests.

This green B was purchased at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  I painted it green to match our wedding colors and it served as a focal point for our reception decor.  After the wedding I repainted it gold and it now hangs as a focal point on our living room gallery wall.  This one is special because it really reminds me of our wedding and I love getting to see it every day.

Paper lanterns are a great way to decorate for any wedding.  These lanterns also look great later on, hanging in your backyard or on your porch.  They are also another good option for party decor.

I’ve used almost everything from our dessert table multiple times since the wedding.  The cupcake stands are great for any party (and both my mother-in-law and my sister used them at my two baby showers) and all of the trays and cake stands can be used at holidays to serve appetizers or desserts.  The pink polka dot stands are actually upside down boxes.  They now live in my office and house some of my craft supplies.

As a wedding planner, one of the main complaints I hear about spending money on a wedding is that it is all that cash for “just one day”. But when you invest in items that you can reuse multiple times after the big day, it makes justifying the spending a little bit easier.

Do you have any items from your wedding that you still use? Let me know in the comments!

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Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

Well friends, it is one of my favorite times of the year at the Disneyland Resort: Halloween Time! I love Halloween Time more and more each year, and it might even be edging out Christmas as my favorite season at Disneyland. There is so much to do and see at Disneyland all year long, but the additions for Halloween are pretty awesome. These are some of the highlights of Halloween Time at Disneyland!

First, the decor. The seasonal decor is all over the park, from the front entrance to Main Street. Pay special attention to the pumpkins on the buildings along Main Street, they are all different and many of them are themed to their shops (the Elvis pumpkin over 20th Century Music is the cutest).

It wouldn’t be Disney without some super cute themed merchandise. These poison apple steins were a huge hit last year and sold out pretty quickly. This year they are all over the park at a bunch of different stands and carts. I was super excited to finally get my hands on one!

Something special for Halloween Time for this year only is Late Check-Out at Tower of Terror. Tower of Terror is going to be shutting down in January to receive a Guardians of the Galaxy re-theming (which I am eh about). So for the last couple of months of its original life, the ride is operating in total darkness and silence in the evening hours. I have to say, I went into this thinking it wouldn’t make that much of a difference, but it was super creepy! Honestly, I think the no sound aspect added more to the creep factor than the no lights, but overall, it was a really cool experience. I definitely want to try it again before the end of the season. (Note: If you want a traditional ride on Tower of Terror before it closes, make sure you go on it during the daytime hours.)

Over in Frontierland is one of my favorite parts of Halloween Time, the Dia de los Muertos celebration. I love the decor here, and there is lots of info about Day of the Dead and some fun activities like face-painting.

The Halloween Tree is a recent addition to Disneyland and you have to see it all lit up at night. The Halloween Tree was dedicated to Ray Bradbury and is strung with all kinds of lights and pumpkins. It is pretty spectacular at night.

One of the most popular features of Halloween Time is Haunted Mansion Holiday. The Nightmare Before Christmas overlay goes up in September and sticks around until the end of Christmas. It is a super fun attraction that changes a little every year. This year, in addition to the new gingerbread house (which is different every year), Sally has been added to the graveyard.

It wouldn’t be a holiday celebration without some yummy treats! The food during Halloween Time is ah-mazing. For the full details and a printable checklist, check out this post.

If you have never been to Disneyland during Halloween Time, I highly recommend making a trip. It is such a fun time of the year and there is so much to see and do (and eat)! What is your favorite part of Halloween Time?

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