DIY: Star Wars Ears

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I know I am getting a bit redundant with this comment, but these might be my new favorite ears! Of course since I drank the Star Wars Kool Aid, I had to make a pair of ears to go along with my new found love. And I decided to try something I will not be doing often: fabric covered ears. Seriously y’all, these were time consuming and not easy to make. But hopefully my trials will save you some time should you decide to make a pair of these bad boys for yourself!

Not all of my supplies are pictured for the simple reason that I had to make some of this up as I went. But here’s what I used: Star Wars fabric, sparkly black tulle, a black headband, fabric scissors, craft foam, ear template, black rhinestone trim, super glue, hot glue, spare cardboard (I used a cereal box), and fabric glue. At the bottom of this post you will find links to the products that I used!

First, cut out two ear template shapes from your craft foam.

Turn your fabric upside down and place the foam where you want. I wanted Rey and BB-8 on my ears so I matched up the fabric accordingly.  Put a dab of glue on the middle portion of the ears (where you will fold it around the headband) to secure it in place.

Now comes the hard (and time consuming part). Wrap the fabric around the ear and use the fabric glue to glue it in place.  Because the ear template is an odd shape, the easiest way to do this is to cut the fabric in small strips as you go and glue each one individually. I tried gluing larger pieces and they did not mold to the round shape well. It is going to be a complete pain in the butt to do this, but it looks so much better.

This is what the back of the ear will look like when you are finished gluing.

Use the super glue to attach one cardboard circle to each side of the ear.

I used a combination of the super glue and hot glue to attach the ears to the headband.  It was not easy to get these babies to stay in place, so be patient and use lots of glue on the inside! There are definitely some parts around the edges that are not super smooth, but that’s okay because the next step is to add the trim.

I used the hot glue to add a rhinestone trim around the border. Originally I was going to use ribbon, but the rhinestones were sturdier and held the fabric in place better.

Tuck the ends of the trim inside the ear and secure with more hot glue.

Then use the hot glue to attach your bow (this is the easiest part!). I made the same bow as from my Christmas ears, it is super easy and fast to make.

I LOVE how these came out, though it is going to be a long time before I try to cover another pair of ears with fabric! The good news is I have lots of fabric left over and will have to come up with something else cool to make with it!

Here are some products similar to those I used to make this project:

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