DIY: Sleeping Beauty Inspired Minnie Ears

Hello Disney fans!  I’m back again with another set of DIY Minnie Mouse ears.  Sleeping Beauty has always been one of my favorite princesses, probably because she wears pink and gets to sleep all day (something this mother of an infant is insanely jealous of)!  Here is what I came up with for my Aurora themed ears!

I followed the same tutorial as I did for the previous ears (Birthday Girl, Little Mermaid, and Frozen).  The biggest difference with these was coming up with something for the middle of the bow.  For Ariel it was a seashell and for Elsa it was a snowflake, but I had some trouble coming up with a symbol to represent Aurora.  The one thing that came to mind was a spindle, but not only was it impossible to find, but it’s not exactly a happy association.  So instead, I pulled this Sleeping Beauty pin from my collection and attached it to the center of the bow.

And the best thing about the pin is that it goes perfectly with the theme of the ears: Pink or Blue?

I of course am partial to the pink!  The pin is obviously much heavier than some of the other trinkets I have used so I had to use some extra glue, but other than that, the pin makes a great centerpiece for the ears!  I love the pink and blue theme and how the pin complements it so well.

All in all, another cool pair of custom ears!  I’m busy working on my next few sets so stay tuned for some more DIY Minnie ear ideas!

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