DIY: Princess Inspired Glitter Necklaces

Today we are making some super fun and cute princess inspired necklaces.  Here is what you need: glitter, small jar charms, a chain, and charms representative of your princess.

Fill the jar with glitter.  I used blue for my Cinderella necklace and pink for my Sleeping Beauty necklace.

Replace the toppers in the jars.  If the top is not secure, you can put a dab of glue on the edge before putting it in the jar so it will stay sealed.

Add the jar and your charm to the silver chain.

I used a crown to represent Sleeping Beauty, though this one is kind of representative of princesses in general.

The Cinderella necklace has a shoe charm, so this one is a little more specific to her storyline.

Cute and easy and depending on the charms you can find, you could make these for all the different princesses!

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