DIY Ariel Inspired Ears

Ever since I made my DIY Birthday Girl Minnie Ears, I have been a bit obsessed with crafting these super easy and cute headbands.  I have an embarrassingly large number of them sitting on my dining room table as we speak.  I am going to be sharing some of my favorites with you, and hopefully you love them as much as I do!  We are starting out with probably my favorite pair because they represent the heroine from one of my favorite movies!  Here is what my Little Mermaid inspired Minnie ears look like!

I followed the same basic tutorial as my Birthday ears, with some small changes.  I found the purple bow pre-made at Michael’s and figured it would be just as easy to buy one already crafted as to make my own!   After I attached the bow to my seafoam green ears, I decided they still needed a little something.

So I attached this silver sparkly seashell that I found in the scrapbooking section of Michael’s (I practically keep those guys in business).

And this is the final result!

I am so excited to wear this baby to the park when I go this weekend!  And I am super excited to share even more ear ideas with you over the next couple of weeks!  Keep an eye out, on the horizon we have some from Frozen, Sleeping Beauty, and even some holiday inspired ears!

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