DIY: Frozen Inspired Minnie Ears

Hello MouseketEARS!  I’m back with another set of DIY Minnie ears for you today, and these are inspired by Frozen!  Unless you have been living under some sort of very heavy rock, you have been hearing the music of Frozen and seeing the faces of Anna and Elsa for almost a year now.  So of course in my ear obsession, I had to include some from this frosty flick!  Today’s ears are inspired by Elsa…

Again, I used the same process as for my Birthday Ears and Ariel Ears, just with Elsa themed colors.  I picked blue glitter foam for the ears and silver for the bow.

Since Michael’s has all of their Christmas stuff out already (in August), I was able to easily find these silver sparkly snowflakes to attach to the center of my bow.

Right after I finished this set of ears, I was a little bummed because the ears themselves looked to be too far apart, but after wearing my Ariel ears to the park this weekend, I actually think the spacing on this set looks a little better.  So I guess it worked out in the long run!  These babies would be perfect for any Frozen fan!

I still have two more ear tutorials to share with you and I’m sure by that time, I will have come up with a few more!  Leave me a comment if you have any themed ear requests and I’ll do my best to work something out!

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