DIY: Mickey and Minnie Sneakers

If you are on Pinterest as much as I am (or really even half as much) then I am sure you have seen all kinds of different ideas for creating your own Disney sneakers.  I am so not artistic so the more detailed versions were definitely out for me, but when I saw these Toms I knew I could handle the basic design.  When I happened upon some cute red sneakers on sale at Target, I knew it was meant to be!  Here is what I created:

Once you find the right shoes (I just bought these at Target so they are most likely still available), gather the rest of your supplies.  White and yellow paint (fabric works best, but acrylic is okay too), brushes, a black paint pen or fabric pen, a polka dot template and an oval template.  I used a one inch paper punch for my polka dot, which was easy, but actually turned out to be a little too big.  For the oval I created the shape on my computer, made a bunch of different sizes, printed them all on cardstock and then picked the size that worked best with the shoes.

First, use your black pen to outline the shapes of the buttons and polka dots.  Looking back, I should have used a fabric marker since the paint pen bled a little more than expected.

Then use a small brush to trace the inside of the outline.  I chose yellow for the Mickey buttons after a long inner debate.  The buttons on Mickey’s pants are actually white on official Disney images, but I thought that the white buttons would look too similar to Minnie’s polka dots so I went with the yellow instead.  Even if it is not the official look, I think the finished product is much cuter with yellow than with white.  But trust me when I say I debated this decision for probably far longer than really necessary.

Once you have your outline completed, fill in the rest of the shape.  You are going to need several coats since the shoes are a darker color than the paint.  Make sure you allow the paint to fully dry in between coats.  I ended up doing three coats on each shoe.

Once you are finished with the yellow buttons, repeat the painting process with the white polka dots on the other shoe.  Allow both shoes to try and you are all set!  A custom pair of Mickey and Minnie inspired shoes!

If I were to make these again, I would do a couple of things differently, so learn from my mistakes!  1) Use a fabric marker for the black outlines for a smoother look.  2)  Make the Minnie polka dots smaller (I used a one inch circle).  All in all, I am happy with them and I can’t wait to wear them to the park!

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