DIY: Mickey and Minnie Money Jars for Just $5!

I love the idea of instilling in my little Squirt the importance of saving for things that he wants to buy.  I realize that he will be going to Disneyland much more often than most kids could even dream about, but I imagine we will plan a big Disney World or Disney Cruise Line trip at some point in his childhood and I will definitely be encouraging him to save his spending money for those trips when the time comes.  I figured I would get a little jump on things by crafting one of these super easy and inexpensive Mickey Money jars, and I figured I’d make a cute Minnie one for myself (or maybe a future princess!) while I was at it!  Here is the finished product:

Supplies you will need: a jar (I found these for $4 each at the Container Store), Martha Stewart metal primer, sponge brushes, acrylic paints, stickers,  and Mickey and Minnie figurines (I found these at Dollar Tree, score!).  The only things I had to buy were the jars and figurines, bringing the total cost of this project to $5!

First, remove the lids from the jars and give them a coat of the metal primer.

While the primer is drying, apply the stickers to the front of your jar.  You may have noticed the stickers on my final products are different from the ones in my supplies picture.  The original letters turned out to be chipboard and they did not stick to the jar at all.  Luckily, I have a pretty good supply of stickers left over from my mom’s scrapbooking days so I was able to find some replacements pretty easily.

Once the primer on your lids has dried, give them a couple of coats of paint, allowing the paint to fully dry in between coats.  The pink I had happened to be matte while the yellow was glossy.  I think I like the glossy finish a bit better, but it is a matter of taste.

Once the lids have fully dried, use hot glue to attach the figurine to the center of the lid.  Learn from my mistake: put the lid on the jar first, then place your figurine.  I glued my figurine on the lid without it being on the jar and it is now pretty impossible to line up the front of the figurine with the front of the jar.

Once your figurines are glued on, your jars are complete!

You now have two different possibilities for your little ones to save for their Disney spending.  The only thing needed now is some spare change!

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