What’s in My Disneyland Bag?

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Hello Disney friends! Tomorrow I am going to be embarking on my annual Disneyland field trip, just me, a couple of teachers and 150 of the best students at our junior high. Since the majority of my trips to Disneyland are with Squirt for just a few hours, prepping my bag for this all day excursion is a little bit different than my norm. But I am certainly no stranger to all day trips to the Happiest Place on Earth so I figured I would take this opportunity to show you what goes inside my bag for an all day trip with no kiddlet in tow.

First, the bag. I use a wide variety of bags at Disneyland, but this one is my favorite for an all-day trip. Not only is this Mickey Mouse backpack adorable, it is the perfect size for all my goodies.

what's inside my disneyland bag

Now for the inside, here’s what you can find packed in my bag…

what's inside my disneyland bag

Okay, let’s break this down. First and foremost, even on a chilly day, water is a must for Disneyland. You’re going to be walking miles, that’s right miles, and staying hydrated is important. I always bring at least two bottles with me for a full day, sometimes more if it is going to be hot. I always have my requisite “beauty” (hello low maintenance) supplies: bobby pins, a hair tie, and chapstick. I always have Kleenex with me as well so I was super stoked to find these Star Wars packs in the dollar bin at Target. I also always have a spare charger and Tums with me (whoever told me my heartburn would go away after pregnancy was a dirty, dirty liar). Can’t forget to bring my Food and Drink checklist along since I still have so many items left to try. Being a blogger, a notebook and pen are always in my bag. Never know when a post idea is going to pop into my brain! Plus I like to be able to take notes on new experiences. Gotta have a pair of ears in the bag, and right now my Star Wars ones are my faves, though I am working on some new designs for summer. And finally, my carry all bag. I have gotten in the habit of keeping my essentials in this zip up bag so that I can easily transfer it from diaper bag to my school purse to my wedding tote. It has made life much easier!

what's inside my disneyland bag

My carry all pouch holds my wallet, my glasses case, extra chapstick, Advil, and my wedding business cards (definitely need to order some new blog business cards soon, note to self). Seriously, switching over to this method of the carry all has made changing bags so much easier, and since I do it almost every day, it has made a big difference for me!

Depending on the weather sitch, you also might want to bring a sweatshirt (I will tomorrow since it could get down into the 60’s, which is practically freezing). Sometimes I also throw in a bag of Goldfish crackers or another quick and easy snack, just in case I want something small and light (and free). As an additional note, Disneyland has seriously stepped up their security game lately and will make you open all of the compartments in your main bag, plus any smaller bags within. I have lately been made to open my glasses case, wallet, and business card holder. So be ready to open everything up!

Did I miss any of your essentials? What do you like to bring with you to the parks?

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