Disney Top Ten: Holiday Time Edition

The holiday season officially comes to an end (in Disney terms anyway) on January 6th.  I’m always a little bit sad to see the holiday goodies and decor packed up and stored away for another year, but it also just makes me that much more excited for the next year to come.  Here are some of my favorite things (in no particular order) about the holidays at the Disneyland Resort, and what I will miss the most!

1. The gingerbread Grand Californian: This massive gingerbread house is absolutely stunning (and smells amazing).  Found in the lobby of the Grand Californian Hotel, this gigantic masterpiece is handcrafted and incredibly detailed.

2. Viva Navidad Street Party: This year was the first time I was able to catch the party in action and it was tons of fun!  Happening in the Paradise Gardens at California Adventure, this mini parade involves lots of dancing and upbeat music.

3. The Jingle Cruise: This newer addition to the holidays at Disneyland is one of my favorites.  The Jungle Cruise is decked out for the holidays and the jokes are even merrier than before!

4. A Christmas Fantasy Parade: This one is all about nostalgia for me.  I remember seeing this parade as a kid, and it hasn’t changed much since then (with the exception of some new characters).  I love seeing the toy soldiers and the ballerina and all the cool floats I loved as a kid.

5. “it’s a small world”: While Small World is never going to be one of my favorite rides (though Squirt loves it), I love seeing it all decked out in its holiday best.  I mean, this view is pretty stunning, am I right?

6. All. The. Trees.: Christmas trees are everywhere at the resort and I love them all!  This one is in the lobby at the Grand Californian, but it is just one of many.  Try to find them all!

7. A Haunted Mansion Holiday: Now that HMH is with us from September through January, it has lost a little (just a little) of its holiday time specialness, but I still love it nonetheless.

8. Main Street at Night: All the feels.

9. Characters in their Holiday Sweaters: I mean, how cute are these guys?  I love the sweaters that Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the Main Street characters wear.  Plus, you can sometimes catch the princesses in their elusive winter wear!

10. The Treats: This one is pretty much a given.  There are so many yummy food options during the holidays, everything from peppermint ice cream to handmade candy canes.  De-licious!

I will only get in one more trip to the parks before Holiday Time ends (sadness) and I already miss my holiday faves!  What is your favorite part about the holidays at Disneyland?

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