Recipe: Fun and Festive Holiday Cocktail

Well, folks, it’s Monday, which means we are all in need of a little cocktail, am I right? Today I have a super simple and delicious holiday cocktail recipe for you. This would be great for a party, and you could even make a big batch in a punch bowl if you wanted to serve it as an alcoholic punch. Here’s the ingredients you will need: vodka, cranberry raspberry spritzer (this particular one is from Trader Joe’s, but I have seen similar drinks at most supermarkets), and an orange. How pretty is that orange? I sent Matt to the market and told him I needed a photogenic orange (exact words) and he delivered this beauty!

holiday cocktail

For the drink, mix two shots of vodka and two shots of the cranberry raspberry spritzer. Then squeeze the juice from half of the orange into your drink and mix together. I don’t recommend shaking since the juice is carbonated, just give it a good stir. If you are not a huge vodka fan, you can always add more of the juices to mask the flavor. Adjust to your taste! You could also add ice if you so desire, but since I always keep my vodka in the freezer and the juice was refrigerated, I didn’t need it.

This cocktail is super yummy and super easy to make, plus it came out to be the perfect color for a holiday drink! I would definitely serve this at a party, it would make a great Christmas cocktail!

holiday cocktail

All the decor in these pictures can be found at Target. The gold polka dot glasses and the mini Christmas trees were in the dollar bins, and the light up “Cheers” sign was in the party section (and it was only $12, total score in my opinion!).

Happy holidays friends! What are you going to be drinking tonight?

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Holiday Highlights from Years Past

Hello friends! The holidays are clearly upon us and I don’t know about you, but my social media feed is full of all kinds of crafts, recipes and projects all themed around Christmas and Thanksgiving. I figured today I would share some of my favorite holiday themed posts from past years with you so you have them all in one convenient spot. I will have some new holiday posts coming your way soon, including a look at the new holiday offerings at Disneyland, but these will hopefully tide you over until they are ready!

I can never pass up the opportunity for themed Minnie ears. Last year I made these Christmas ears and I still love them. I’m sure I will make a new pair this year, but I am still in love with this pair too.


I am no longer a teacher, as you know, but my hubs still is, as are many of my close friends. For their sake, and for the sake of all of the teachers out there, please read this post and take heed! This is what teachers really want for the holidays.


No holiday (no day?) is complete without a festive cocktail. Last year I made these tasty drinks, and completed them with some simple DIY stir sticks.


Another highlight of the holidays is all the baked yumminess. These festive cookies are so easy to make!

Christmas Cookies

The holidays at Disneyland always bring something new to the table, but a lot of the traditions return year after year. Here is my list from last year of my top ten favorite things about the holidays at Disneyland.


Holiday photos are a must when you have little ones, but as you can probably imagine, wrangling a wiggly baby or toddler into a cute pose is not always easy. Here are some tips for a successful at home photo shoot with your kiddlet.


One of my favorite parts of the holidays at California Adventure is the decorations in Cars Land. Cars Land has such amazing theme-ing as it is, and it is pretty spectacular what they come up with for holiday decorations.


And if you missed it, make sure you check out my post from last week highlighting my favorite holiday cards for 2016!

I’m still having trouble believing it is actually the holidays already. Are you ready for the holiday season?

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My Favorite Holiday Cards

**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Well friends, if you have been out of the house or watched TV any time in the past few days, you know that the holiday season is officially upon us. I am all at once completely stoked and totally blown away that it is already November. Seriously, where the eff has the time gone? I was a super slacker last year and did not send out any holiday cards to anyone and I really need to get my on my game this year and get it done early. Honestly, I’m just so lazy that I put it off and put it off until it’s too late. But this year I am starting early! And I WILL get those holiday cards done and in the mail before Christmas! And since I love you all so much, I have put together a collection of holiday cards options for you that are adorable, classy, and fun. Basically all you have to do is choose your favorite, click the link and personalize these babies. You’re welcome. I’ve even organized them into categories for you because I am awesome like that (and humble, as always). You can thank me by sending me one of your adorable holiday cards! Here are your fabulous options:

Chic and Sleek: These cards are for all you fancy people out there, or for anyone who just needs a little sparkle.

holiday cards

Black and Gold Joy

holiday cards-11

Black and Gold Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Simple and Modern: I love the clean lines and open spaces on these cards. Holiday vibes without being too cutesy.

holiday cards

Find Your Merry

holiday cards-10

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

holiday cards-6

Merry Christmas Script

holiday cards

Merry Christmas Red

Fun: I am all about a card with a little sense of humor. These are some of the more unique cards out there.

holiday cards

Awesome 2016

holiday cards-12

Top Five Moments of 2016

holiday cards-18

Christmas Selfie

holiday cards-17

Laughing All the Way

holiday cards-15

Love and Laughter

holiday cards-13

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Adorable: If you have little ones, I totally support pimping them out in order to create the cutest holiday card you can find.

holiday cards

Laser Cut Christmas Tree

holiday cards-14

Cutest Little Elf

Classic: Sometimes when it comes to the holidays, you can’t beat the classics.

holiday cards-8

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

holiday cards-9

Wishing You a Merry Christmas

holiday cards-16

From Our Home to Yours

If none of these cards speak to you (and I’ll try not to be insulted by that since I think I found the best cards out there), then head over to Tiny Prints to check out their HUGE selection of holiday cards. For reals, these are just a small fraction of their adorable offerings, you can find so many great designs on their website that suit just about any tastes. Plus, if you place your holiday cards order between 11/10/16-11/17/16, you can receive 10 free cards AND 30% off your order (some exclusions apply)! If you want to cash in on this awesome deal, make sure you use code HOLIDAYGIFT at checkout. Seriously y’all, take advantage of the awesomeness, I know I will be!



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DIY: Thankful Banner Plus a Free Printable

Hello lovelies and happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but I am still finding it hard to believe that it is November already. Not going to lie, I was a little tempted to skip the Thanksgiving festivities and go straight to Christmas, but I decided to wait a while and embrace the season of being thankful for at least a couple of weeks. So I put together this super easy DIY banner that is not only festive for fall, but also a nice visual reminder of how many things I have to be grateful for in my life. I love how it came together and I think I am going to make this a yearly tradition!

First, I created this document in Microsoft Word. It seriously took less than five minutes, but you don’t even have to spend that long because I created a printable version for you! Stay tuned, the link is at the end of the post!

diy thankful banner

I printed the design on some white card stock and cut up the little cards. I grabbed a couple of fall colored Sharpies to use when we write our messages.

I then used some fall colored washi tape to hang a piece of burlap string. We have a window cut out in between our kitchen and living room, and it is the perfect place for hanging banners and the like (especially since we don’t have a mantle).

I then used mini clothespins to hang our thankful for signs all around the banner. The goal is to add a new one each day, so by the time we get to Thanksgiving, we have a whole list of things to be grateful for. I made Matt get in on the action too, we’ll see how long he keeps up with it!

Obviously the first things that came to mind for me were the big ones, namely Matt and Squirt. But there is also room to be thankful for the little things in life, like coffee!

This was such a simple project and I love that it adds a touch of fall decor to the living room. But even more than the aesthetics, I love that every time I walk by it I am reminded of what an amazing life I am living right now. You really can’t go wrong with that! As a bonus, I didn’t have to buy anything for this project, everything I used I already had around the house! Score!

If you would like to print out the thankful for cards for yourself, you can use this link to find a printable version. I hope you enjoy, and I would love to see pictures of your cards in action if you decide to use them! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter, @falonloveslife! What are you feeling thankful for this November?

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DIY: New Year’s Eve Cocktail and Stir Sticks

This post contains affiliate links.

Hello all! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!  Hard to believe we are just days away from 2016, but the new year is going to be here in a jiffy.  Of course, when we think about New Year’s Eve, we think about the dranks, am I right?  So I obviously had to whip up a tasty NYE cocktail and throw in a little DIY bling to go along with it!


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Disney Top Ten: Holiday Time Edition

The holiday season officially comes to an end (in Disney terms anyway) on January 6th.  I’m always a little bit sad to see the holiday goodies and decor packed up and stored away for another year, but it also just makes me that much more excited for the next year to come.  Here are some of my favorite things (in no particular order) about the holidays at the Disneyland Resort, and what I will miss the most!


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Share it Sunday!

Hello lovelies and happy Sunday!  I hope your holidays are shaping up nicely.  I don’t know about you, but I still have quite a bit of work to get done (aka wrapping).  But I have been enjoying some holiday themed crafts and goodies, and I wanted to share some of my faves of the week with you!

Here’s what’s been happening here at ADMB…

Nail the perfect teacher gift with these tips

Craft these Christmas themed Minnie ears

Around the web, The Homespun Hydrangea shared these Anthro inspired bottle brush trees

I love this marquee sign from Hello Little Home…

How cute are these little holiday bags from Today’s Creative Life?

Just My Rosy Life put together this awesome blog planner for 2016 that I can’t wait to use…

And it’s never too early to calendar shop, I love this printable from Clementine Creative…

Here’s to another fabulous week!

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