DIY: New Year’s Eve Cocktail and Stir Sticks

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Hello all! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!  Hard to believe we are just days away from 2016, but the new year is going to be here in a jiffy.  Of course, when we think about New Year’s Eve, we think about the dranks, am I right?  So I obviously had to whip up a tasty NYE cocktail and throw in a little DIY bling to go along with it!

All you need for this cocktail is some prosecco and pineapple juice. You also want to consider getting some pineapple chunks for added flavor/garnish.

Put a few chunks of pineapple into the bottom of your festive glasses.

Fill your cup with prosecco.

Add just a splash of pineapple juice.

And garnish with the DIY stir sticks. To make these, I bought wooden sticks from the craft store. I also found these gold, glittery, sequin foam balls in with the holiday decor (these ones are similar).  Since the end of the sticks are squared, all you have to do is stick them into the foam balls, no glue required!

This is the perfect cocktail for New Year’s Eve since it is gold and sparkly, and also quite tasty!  What are your plans for ringing in 2016?

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