Recipe: The Perfect Summer Michelada

Summer is officially in full swing and I have been loving this mild, but still sunny and warm weather we have been having here in So Cal. I don’t know about you, but for me, there is nothing better in the summer than a tasty cocktail (who I am I kidding, I feel this way about all seasons). One of my summer favorites is the michelada. The michelada is a traditional Mexican drink, and there are tons of variations as to how to craft one. Lots of recipes call for a bit of tomato juice, but I have never liked vegetables getting in the way of my alcohol, so the hubs and I (mostly him) came up with this perfect recipe. It is super tasty and very refreshing!

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients (it seems like a lot, but most of them are probably already in your cupboards): tequila, beer, lime juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire or soy sauce, margarita salt, chili powder, lime, and jalapenos (optional).


The first step is to make the salt for the rim of your glass. Mix the margarita salt and some chili powder in a bowl that is flat enough for you to be able to dip the rim of your glass in it.


From there, mixing the drink is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. First, salt the rim of your cup, then add 1 oz of lime juice.
  2. Add one shot of tequila (you can always do more/less depending on how boozy you want it).
  3. Add 2-4 dashes of the Worcestershire or soy sauce.
  4. Add a dash of Tabasco to taste (I only like one, but Matt puts in a few).
  5. Mix those ingredients together, then add your beer.
  6. Add ice and garnish with a lime and/or jalapenos.


To me, the michelada is a perfect summer cocktail. It is a definite step up from a beer, and it has just a hint of spice and citrus to make it super summery. Have you made micheladas before? What goes into your recipe?


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