Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

Well friends, it is one of my favorite times of the year at the Disneyland Resort: Halloween Time! I love Halloween Time more and more each year, and it might even be edging out Christmas as my favorite season at Disneyland. There is so much to do and see at Disneyland all year long, but the additions for Halloween are pretty awesome. These are some of the highlights of Halloween Time at Disneyland!

First, the decor. The seasonal decor is all over the park, from the front entrance to Main Street. Pay special attention to the pumpkins on the buildings along Main Street, they are all different and many of them are themed to their shops (the Elvis pumpkin over 20th Century Music is the cutest).

It wouldn’t be Disney without some super cute themed merchandise. These poison apple steins were a huge hit last year and sold out pretty quickly. This year they are all over the park at a bunch of different stands and carts. I was super excited to finally get my hands on one!

Something special for Halloween Time for this year only is Late Check-Out at Tower of Terror. Tower of Terror is going to be shutting down in January to receive a Guardians of the Galaxy re-theming (which I am eh about). So for the last couple of months of its original life, the ride is operating in total darkness and silence in the evening hours. I have to say, I went into this thinking it wouldn’t make that much of a difference, but it was super creepy! Honestly, I think the no sound aspect added more to the creep factor than the no lights, but overall, it was a really cool experience. I definitely want to try it again before the end of the season. (Note: If you want a traditional ride on Tower of Terror before it closes, make sure you go on it during the daytime hours.)

Over in Frontierland is one of my favorite parts of Halloween Time, the Dia de los Muertos celebration. I love the decor here, and there is lots of info about Day of the Dead and some fun activities like face-painting.

The Halloween Tree is a recent addition to Disneyland and you have to see it all lit up at night. The Halloween Tree was dedicated to Ray Bradbury and is strung with all kinds of lights and pumpkins. It is pretty spectacular at night.

One of the most popular features of Halloween Time is Haunted Mansion Holiday. The Nightmare Before Christmas overlay goes up in September and sticks around until the end of Christmas. It is a super fun attraction that changes a little every year. This year, in addition to the new gingerbread house (which is different every year), Sally has been added to the graveyard.

It wouldn’t be a holiday celebration without some yummy treats! The food during Halloween Time is ah-mazing. For the full details and a printable checklist, check out this post.

If you have never been to Disneyland during Halloween Time, I highly recommend making a trip. It is such a fun time of the year and there is so much to see and do (and eat)! What is your favorite part of Halloween Time?

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