A Day in the Life of a Disney Mom Blogger

Howdy readers and happy Friday!  Today we are going to take a little look at a day in the life of a Disney Mom blogger (that would be me).  I take Squirt to Disneyland about once every two weeks, sometimes more and sometimes less.  Our trips are quite different from a typical family trip to the parks.  We go on weekdays, spend a couple of hours walking around, and then we head home.  Since I am a passholder and Squirt still gets in free, there is no pressure to spend all day in the parks.  And since Squirt is still not into rides, we mostly enjoy the atmosphere while I take pictures and gather info for upcoming blog posts.  This is what one of our typical trip days looks like:

9:48–We load up the car and hit the road.  Disneyland is about thirty miles from our house, but getting there without traffic is virtually impossible.  But I have figured out the sweet spot time to leave, after morning traffic and before afternoon traffic.

10:32–We park in the Downtown Disney parking lot.  Okay, so I’m a terrible Disney ambassador here, but I always park in Downtown Disney for our short trips.  I’m not paying $20 to park in the main lot when I am only going to be on property for three hours.  You take enough of my money, Disney.

10:45–We make a short stop at Something Silver, one of my favorite Downtown Disney shops.  I need some new earrings and they have the best selection of everyday silver studs.

11:02–We enter California Adventure and head straight to Starbucks.  Because coffee.  I order my iced coffee (I always give my middle name at Starbucks, since “Falon” doesn’t typically turn out well) and a parfait.  We sit at our favorite table and I eat my breakfast while also feeding Squirt pieces of my discarded bananas (I hate them, he loves them, we’re a good team like that).  He makes friends with the two ladies sitting near us, as is his norm.

11:23–I clean up our table and we head over to the Baby Center for a quick diaper change.  It actually goes smoothly and Squirt barely even fusses.  He is not happy, however, when I attempt to put his hat on him before we head out.  He would rather be blinded by the sunlight than wear a hat.

11:38–Most of my upcoming blog posts are focusing on Disneyland, so we head across the way to the Happiest Place on Earth.  We snap some pictures of Ariel, who is posing in the front of the park, and then head over to Tomorrowland.  We attempt to see the Tomorrowland movie preview, but it has just started and is going to be another twenty minutes until it starts.  We decide to skip it and continue our tour of Tomorrowland.

12:04–We make our way toward the castle and snap some more pictures.  I check out the crowd at Fantasy Faire and see there is standing room available for Frozen at the Royal Theatre.  We park the stroller and I snap some pictures of my little ham while we wait for the show to start.  I haven’t actually seen this one, only Tangled, and it is as witty as I had hoped (stay tuned for a full review).

12:41–It’s almost time to head out, but first we stop at City Hall to get a birthday button for my brother and sister.

12:49–We exit the park and find some pretty flowers and stage a mini photo shoot with Squirt and the birthday button.  He mostly wants to eat it (shocker), but I manage to get one good shot for the auntie and uncle.

1:11–We get in the car and head home.  We had a nice little field trip, and I managed to gather material for three new blog posts, plus multiple social media shots.  All in all, a productive day!  We hit the road, and Squirt promptly falls asleep.  We have a peaceful ride home.

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