Tips for Taking Your Engagement Pictures at Disneyland

You have already seen my Toon Town engagement pictures, and it can be tricky to get good shots inside the park, so today I thought I would share some tips with you for taking great pictures at Disneyland!

1.  Get there early.  This is number one because I think it is the most important!  For our engagement pics, we got to the park before Toon Town opened so that we were some of the first ones in.  This made it so much easier to get the shots we wanted because there were fewer people around.  Also, there is great light in the morning, which will make it easier for your photographer to capture great shots.

2.  Hire a photographer who knows the park.  Try to find someone who has done photo shoots at Disneyland before, or at least someone who is familiar with the park layout and locations.  If they have experience shooting at Disneyland, they will likely know the best spots and how to work with some of the challenges presented when shooting at a theme park.

3.  Be patient.  Chances are you will have to wait for people to move out of your shot at some point.  Disneyland is a public place (and typically a crowded one) and people are going to be there no matter what time of day you are shooting.  Just be patient and you will eventually get the picture you want.

4.  Be polite.  Along with being patient, make sure you are being polite.  People are much more likely to get out of your way if you ask nicely.  Also be nice to any cast members you may encounter along the way.  Not only is it their job to make sure the park is running smoothly, but typically if you are nice to them, they can hook you up with some perks! (Or at the very least, some Just Engaged buttons.)

5.  Have fun!  If you are doing your engagement photos at Disneyland, I’m assuming you are fun people, but it can be easy to get caught up in the stress of the wedding hoopla and you don’t want that to show in your pictures.  Try to relax, enjoy your surroundings, and most of all, have fun with your future spouse!

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