The Best Shoes for a Day at Disneyland

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As always, my lovely readers, I am going to be honest with you.  I have survived many a Disneyland day wearing a cheap pair of flip flops.  I have even survived twelve hour days wearing Converse.  But that was a long time ago.  Gone are the days when my feet (and knees and hips) can survive a day of walking without some good, solid support.  It’s been a bit of a challenge finding shoes I can wear to the park for comfort, that I actually want to wear in terms of looks.  Never fear, I have done the hard work, and found five pairs of shoes that don’t leave me crying at the end of the day, and aren’t totally hideous either.

Nike Solarsoft Flip Flop

I don’t know how you Disney Worlders roll, but once the weather even ever so slightly shifts from winter to spring, my shoes go bye-bye and my flip flops come out of their brief hibernation.  I am not kidding when I say I wear flip flops pretty much every day from February to November.  If you are in the parks and you want to spot a native Southern Californian, look for the flip flops.  The problem with most flip flops is that they lack support of any kind.  You might as well be walking around barefoot.  I have found two pairs that work for me, both from Nike.  They are made with athletes in mind, so there is lots of support and cushion.  The Solarsoft (above) are definitely more attractive, but if pure comfort is your aim, you can’t go wrong with the Celso (below).  I’m sure feet doctors across the planet would beg you to not wear sandals for a twelve hour day of walking, but if you are going to (and I do), these are my favorite options.

TOMS are pretty popular here in California, and they definitely have a hipster quality fame to them.  Which almost makes me not want to buy them.  ‘Cause I’m a rebel like that.  But they are a good shoe to wear to the parks IF you have worn them before and are comfortable in them.  TOMS aren’t for everyone, so definitely try them out first before wearing them for a day at Disney.  I like that they are light, almost like you aren’t wearing shoes at all.

Skechers Next Generation

Sometimes, you have to suck it up and wear sneakers to the park.  And I’m not talking Converse or Vans, but real athletic sneakers.  My absolute favorites are Skechers Memory Foam (below).  My mother-in-law bought me a pair when I was pregnant and they are amazing.  I survived fourteen hour musical days at seven months pregnant in these babies.  A day at Disneyland is cake compared to that.  I am also a fan of the Next Generation (above), mostly because they are super cute.  They are also super comfy and good for lots of walking.

Skechers Memory Foam

Whatever shoes you decide to wear for your day at Disneyland, make sure you have worn them before and fully broken them in.  There is nothing worse than blisters and aching feet when you are trying to enjoy your day at the parks.  What are your go to shoes for a park day?

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