DIY: BB8 Minnie Ears

Hello friends! Soooooo excited to bring you another pair of DIY Minnie ears, and guess what? These might be my new favorites! Much like my DIY Star Wars ears, these were super time-consuming and not exactly easy. They have a couple of flaws that I’m not happy about, but overall, I think they came out pretty well! Here’s the finished product:

bb8 ears

Here are the supplies you will need to make these ears (not all are pictured): white glitter foam, silver glitter paper, orange glitter paper or orange paper and orange glitter, scissors, superglue, hot glue, orange sparkle tulle, silver sparkle tulle, rhinestone border, orange headband, ear template, and cardboard.


First, trace the ear template onto the back of the glitter foam and cut out the shapes.


Then make your orange wheel thingys. Your life will be much easier if you can find orange glitter paper! I used a cup to make the circle shape and then freehanded the spokes.


Cut out the shapes.


Cover the shapes with a thin coat of glue or Mod Podge and then coat with glitter.


While your glitter is drying, cut out circles from the cardboard (I used an old cereal box) and attach them to the inside of the ear shapes.


Once the glitter glue mixture is dry, glue your orange wheels to the ear shapes. I tried regular glue first, but ended up needing superglue to get them to really stick.


Add some accents to the inside of the wheels using the silver glitter paper. I cut out some small rectangles and used a hole punch for the little circles.


Then attach your ears to the headband. I used a combo of superglue and hot glue to get them to stick. I typically use a pair of park ears to make sure placement is right.


Almost done! Once ears are attached, you can add the rhinestone border to the edges. This not only looks cute, but it also helps cover uneven edges and makes the ears more solid.


Finally, use the hot glue to attach your bow. I made my bow just like the one found here, but added another layer of silver behind the orange to give it some more substance.

And, now you’re done! If you love BB8 as much as I do, then these ears are well worth the trouble!

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