How the Baby Center Can Save Your Disney Trip

Alright mommies, let’s talk real here.  As magical as Disneyland can be for you and your kids, taking a baby (and to me, a baby is anyone under the age of three) to the parks is work.  There is tons of stuff to bring, problems to deal with, and unexpected surprises to handle.  The number one tool in my arsenal for dealing with baby problems is the Baby Center.  Both parks have a Baby Center (though at DCA it is housed inside the rather unappealingly named Child Services building) and it can save your trip.

At DCA, the Child Services area is located next to Ghiradelli, just past the entrance to Cars Land.

The Disneyland Baby Care Center is located at the end of Main Street toward the right side (if you’re looking at the castle).  It’s right next to the corn dog truck (and clearly much more aesthetically pleasing than the one at DCA).

Inside each Baby Care Center is everything you need to take care of your little ones.  There is a private closed off room for nursing, complete with rocking chairs.  There is a changing room with cushioned tables (much better than the hard plastic ones in the other bathrooms).  In the changing room, there are also kid sized toilets for your potty-training toddlers and a nice sink for cleaning up (the last time I was in there changing Squirt, a family came in whose toddler had just thrown up all over himself–much easier to take care of an accident like that in there rather than in the bathroom).  There is also a kitchen area with high chairs and a microwave.  Plus, there is a mini play area (mainly utilized for older siblings while the younger ones are being tended to).  There are always cast members (typically the lovable grandmotherly kind) to help you out with whatever you need.

For me, the Baby Care Center is great for a few reasons.  I much prefer changing Squirt in there rather than in the bathroom.  There is more space and it is a more comfortable environment for him.  On our last trip, I went to the Baby Care Center at DCA when we arrived, set for a normal changing.  To my surprise, I opened up a huge poop, what my husband and I refer to as a ten-wiper.  Because I was in the Baby Care Center and not the bathroom, I had a table to set my diaper bag on, a readily accessible trash can, and a comfortable place for Squirt to lay during the ten minutes it took me to clean him up.  Plus, since there are multiple tables, I didn’t have another mom waiting on me to finish up (which seems to happen every time I change him in the bathroom) or hoards of people trying to get around me to get to the stalls.  Crisis averted.

My kid also tends to be very distracted in places with a lot of people so sometimes feeding him in the park is difficult because he won’t focus on his meal.  In the feeding room, it is just him and me so he is able to eat much better.  Finally, dads are allowed to come in to the Baby Care Center (though they don’t go in the nursing area) which is a huge help, especially if you are at the parks for the first time with your little one.  Or if, in the case of the sick toddler, it’s going to take two sets of hands to get your kid back in park exploring shape.

If you are traveling to the parks with your little one, make sure you stop by the Baby Care Center anytime you are in need of help with changing or feeding, or if you just need a quiet break away from the crowds.

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