Star Wars Costume Exhibit

One of the highlights of our New York trip (for me) was the Star Wars costume exhibit at the Discovery Center in Times Square. The exhibit featured tons of costumes, mainly from the first six films, and it was super cool to see them all up close and personal. I legit am just photo dumping this post because there were so many cool things and I took so many pictures and most of them are self-explanatory (if they aren’t I’ll, you know, explain). But anyway, the Discovery Centers tend to have traveling exhibits so I imagine this one will make its way to places other than NYC so if you have a Discovery Center near you, keep an eye out for this exhibit. It is a must for any Star Wars fan!  I hope you enjoy my poor lighting and sometimes blurry picture tour!

Okay, so side note, Padme/Amidala had probably three times as many costumes on display as all of the other characters combined, and they are so freaking cool, all of them.
Also, this bikini is even smaller in person than it looks in the movie. There is a quote about it from Carrie Fisher that said something along the lines of everyone could see everything when she put it on, and it was super uncomfortable to wear (because in addition to being itsy bitsy it’s all legit made of metal).
So my favorite part was seeing the droids because I felt like I was meeting them in person. I also am a huge fan of Padme’s flowing sunset ombre caftan looking dress that she wore for like 2.5 seconds in one of her movies (2 or 3, can’t remember which since I tend to not watch those ones so much). Definitely a worthwhile experience and if it comes to LA, I will probably go check it out again!

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