DIY: Turn Recycled Bottles into Pretty Vases

Hello lovely readers and happy Monday (is there such a thing?)! Yesterday was a pretty miserable So Cal day–lots of rain and clouds and cold. Boo. Being stuck inside all day puts me in the mood for crafting and I have had this project on my to do list for a loooooong time. So I figured I might as well knock that shizz out. Here’s what we’re making today:


Super easy project, and I love how they came out! First step to these bad boys is to gather your supplies: old bottles (these are from a probiotic water called Kevita, which should be available in most supermarkets), craft paint, painters tape, and round sponge brushes.


Tape off your bottles however you want your design to come out. I kind of went with a random diagonal deal for these, which turned out fun.


Make sure your tape is super tightly sealed. It helps to run a fingernail over the edge a few times to make sure it is really smooth. Then use the brush to dab on the paint. I only had to do two coats before I was satisfied with the coverage.


Once the paint is mostly dry, carefully remove your tape. If you need to clean up any edges, a wet wipe works, or you can use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.


I put some white hydrangeas in my finished vases. I love how the bright colors pop against all the white.



I literally finished these bad boys in less than a half hour last night. This was a super easy project, and there are tons of color possibilities with this one. You could do Valentine’s Day colors or Christmas colors, or just any happy and fun colors that you love.

Check out the following links (affiliate links) for some of the supplies I used to make these!


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