Mickey’s Halloween Party

Alright, so if you read my previous post, you know that I got some not so great news as I was leaving Mickey’s Halloween Party, which was a total bummer because up until that point, I had a total blast.  I had never been to the Halloween Party before, and I kind of expected it to be lame, or at the very least, overpriced.  But I had a great experience, and overall a really fun day at the parks.  So we’re going to focus on the positive and talk about the awesome things you can experience at Mickey’s Halloween Party!

My Disney bestie Brianna and I arrived at the parks around 1:30.  Normally you are only permitted entry to Disneyland three hours before the party, but since B and I are both passholders, we wanted to get down there early to spend some time in California Adventure (and since it was a weekday, we needed to get there before rush hour to avoid massive amounts of traffic).  We headed into DCA first, since we knew we would be spending the bulk of our time in Disneyland.  The school district where we work has a random two days off in October so we got to go to the parks on a Monday, which meant it wasn’t super crowded, and we were able to meet up with a couple of other friends who were also visiting.  One of the main reasons we wanted to go to DCA was to check out the Halloween drink special, the Poison Apple-tini.  It was delicious and came with this super cool light up ice cube.

As soon as we entered Disneyland, we headed straight for Space Mountain, which has its own Halloween overlay, Ghost Galaxy. I rarely get the chance to ride Space Mountain, so this was a highlight for me, especially since the line was so short.


We decided to watch the fireworks, which meant by default we watched Paint the Night.  I still really love the parade so it was cool to see it again.  I had never seen the Halloween fireworks before and I really enjoyed them (though B was not a fan of the remixed music).


One of the things I was most looking forward to was the Cadaver Dans and they were just as amazing as I had hoped.  I loved their Halloween medley, floating across the Rivers of America.

We closed out the night stopping along at the numerous candy stations throughout the park.  Originally we thought we might skip the trick or treating, but what’s Halloween without some candy?  The stations were a lot less crowded at the end of the night and we scored a decent amount of loot!

I’m not sure I will go to another Halloween Party until Squirt is old enough to be able to go and appreciate it, but as a first-timer, I really enjoyed myself.  There were some amazing costumes, lots of fun entertainment, cool characters out and about, and candy!  It was also really nice to see the park not packed with people since the crowds have been a little daunting lately.  If I do decide to not renew my pass in the future, I would definitely use the Halloween Party as one of my annual trips.  For the price of admission, you get a lot of park time, plus the added perks.  Overall, it was a great night!

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