Life Right Now

Well lovely readers, life is a bit of a roller coaster these days.  In many ways I feel like I’m having a mid life crisis (though hopefully I’m still a good twenty years from actual mid life).  There are a lot of questions I need to try to answer in the coming months and really I’m just trying to stay sane at this point!  And that brings us to today, in my life right now I am…

Making a whole lot of nothin! Crafts have taken a backseat lately, but with the holidays approaching, I’m sure I will be covered with glitter soon!
Drinking a lot.  Haha (but seriously).  Lots of red wine now that it is actually chilly outside and HOT coffee!
Reading Harry Potter.  It is my yearly tradition to reread the entire series around the holidays.
Wanting life to be figured out.
Playing Christmas music.  I know, I know, I am totally one of those people.
Wishing it was Winter Break!

At Disneyland, they actually get my name right (since it is on my pass).

Enjoying all of my favorite fall TV shows. In particular, Scandal, Survivor and The People’s Couch.
Waiting for the holidays!
Liking our finished kitchen!
Wondering where I am going to be next year and what surprises 2016 has in store.
Loving watching Squirt as he starts to really develop a personality and express his (many) opinions.
Hoping career stuff works out the way I want it to.
Needing a massage.  For reals.
Wearing sweaters!  Finally!

This kid is turning out to be quite the character.

Following lots of pretty wedding people on my new Instagram, @falonbweddings.
Noticing how much Squirt is changing, even day by day.
Knowing that everything will work out in the end.
Thinking about all the Christmas shopping.

Check out my wedding Insta account for more shots like this!

 Anticipating Season of the Force and Holiday Time at Disneyland.
Celebrating fall weather and the upcoming holidays.
Laughing at The People’s Couch. One of the best and most underrated shows on TV.
Feeling stressed, grateful, tired, pensive, irritable…and after writing all that, bad for my husband!

The holidays officially kick off this week at the Disneyland Resort!

And there’s your glimpse into my life right now!

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