Monthly Recap: January 2018

You know what I definitely don’t have enough of in my life right now? Blog post series! Bahahaha! Hope you heard that sarcasm. Well, this series is kicking off because one of my 18 things to accomplish in 2018 is journal, and well, more than thirty days into the year and I am already sucking hard core at that one. BUT…these monthly recap posts can totes serve as a journal of sorts. Plus, it might make me feel like I actually got some shit done this month. So here’s what happened in January!

On the goals front: My goals for January were to set up a writing schedule, make my iPhone case, read four books, update the podcast webpage, book one wedding, post four selfies, and journal. No bueno on the journaling or updating the podcast webpage, but other than that, I can check off all the goal boxes. I’ll take it.

On the wedding planning front: I booked a wedding and a half (it happened at the end of the month so it was an in-betweener), which is great because I had a serious dry spell in December that carried into January and was starting to scare the shit out of me.

On the writing front: Not only did I set up a writing schedule, I mostly stuck to it! In January, I wrote 11k words in romance #1, 3.7k words in romance #2, and published ten blog posts. Go me.

On the reading front: I knocked out six books in January. I read Outlander, Foolish Hearts, Heartless, One and Only, Cruel Prince, and Genuine Fraud. Foolish Hearts was my highest rated read of the month, at five stars. One and Only was my lowest at three stars. Overall, a great month of reading! Plus, I only bought two books, and they were purchased with a gift card I received for Christmas so that means they don’t count against my no book buying in 2018 rule.

On the movie front: Taking full advantage of Movie Pass, I saw four films this month. I saw Thor Ragnarok for the third time; I, Tonya; Greatest Showman for the third time; and Phantom Thread. I loved all of them, and clearly Thor and Greatest Showman have special places in my heart. I, Tonya was my favorite of the two new movies I watched.

On the MCU front: I knocked out a huge chunk of my list. See the latest updates here.

On the podcast front: We recorded and released three new episodes in January. We would so love for you to check out Drink Talk Fangirl and leave us some love!

On the yearly goals front: I made some good progress on a couple of my writing projects, but can’t say I did much more than that. I need to refocus efforts on the getting healthy deal, plus start looking at doing some cleaning and organizing around the house. I did set monthly goals, post my selfies, and craft once this month, so one month down and eleven to go for those year-long goals!

Overall: I’ve hit a bit of an inspiration wall in the past couple of days, so it’s actually nice to sit and look back at everything I’ve done so far in 2018. Even though it might not feel like huge strides, I got a lot of shit done. And I’m going to continue to focus and try to stay on track.

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