DIY: Personalized iPhone Case

Hi kids, and welcome to the first DIY post of 2018! Yay crafts! Since I made crafting part of my must accomplish for 2018 list, I figured I should start the year off right. Also, I just got a new phone so this craft is one I’m actually going to use in my everyday life. Bonus! Here’s how to make your own super cool phone case!

I decided to go with two different types of case, one a photo and one a watercolor quote. You will need your printed photo and quotes (approximately 3 inches by 5.5 inches if you have an iPhone 8), a clear phone case, watercolor paints, an X-acto knife, and scissors.

Using the case as a template, cut out the basic iPhone shape on your photo and quote, then trace out the oval at the top where the camera lens is on your phone.

Use the X-acto knife to cut out the oval. For the photo print case, once you have it cut out, you are done. Just slip it into the plastic case and you are good to go. For the quote cases, once you have them cut out, use your watercolor paint to add some color in whatever way suits your fancy.

Let the paint dry, and leave the quote under a heavy book overnight so it flattens out. Note that with both types of design, the shape doesn’t have to be perfect. When you put the design in the case, the imperfections are camouflaged. No surprises here, but I’ve been rocking my Thor case for the past couple of weeks and I have gotten lots of compliments, mainly from the ladies. I do love the quote design too, so I will probably swap out Thor for Hamilton at some point. Overall, this is a super simple project that can be completed quickly and easily and with few supplies. I had everything I needed for this project at home, so even better. Plus, the sky is the limit when it comes to designs! I love having the option to change out the design when I get bored, saving me from buying multiple phone cases. Instead I just change the insert, and I’m good to go. Hopefully this is a project you try for yourself!

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