DIY: Football Themed Mason Jars

Hello football fans! I am so excited that football season is upon us again! I wait for this time of year for a long time, and it always seems to go by so quickly. In my family, we are diehard football fans and we love to celebrate multiple football occasions throughout the season. Recently, we had a party to host our family fantasy football league draft day and I jumped at the chance to make some football themed crafts. I was inspired by this blog post to make these super cute Mason jar football decorations and I absolutely love how they turned out! Plus, if you are anything like me, you already have a plethora of Mason jars lying around the house just waiting to be put to use. Here’s the steps I took to make these football jars!

Gather your supplies: three Mason jars; acrylic craft paint in black, white, brown, light green, and dark green; sponge brushes; a white paint pen; rubberbands.

The first two jars are pretty easy. For the football jar, paint the entire jar brown. I had to do three coats before I got full coverage.

Then use your white paint pen to trace out the laces on the football. This jar happened to have a measurement guide on it, so I used that as the outline for my laces. If you want, you can trace over the paint pen with white paint (I did, it gave the laces a fuller look).

The black jar is designed to look like a chalkboard with a play chalked on it. For this one, simply paint the entire jar black (again, it took about three coats for full coverage). Then use the white paint pen to sketch out a “play”. Matt was kind enough to point out that my X’s and O’s didn’t make sense in terms of how many players I had lined up and where, but I think it’s cute so whatevs.

The football field jar is definitely the most complicated and it has multiple steps. First, paint the jar white. Give it several coats until it is fully painted. Then let it dry overnight. Once the jar is completely dry, use the rubberbands like you would painters tape. Spread them out so they are (somewhat) even and make sure they are completely flat.

Then alternate painting the light and dark green inside each stripe. Since the base of the jar is already white, the green coats didn’t require as much as the black and brown.

When the green paint is totally dry, carefully remove the rubberbands. If you need to, you can go back with a small brush and touch up the white stripes. You can also use the white paint pen to put in the field number markings if you want to (I kind of wish I hadn’t).

When all the jars are completely dried, it’s not a bad idea to seal them. I didn’t and I did see a couple of chips in the coverage after our party. All in all this is a really simple painting project that requires zero artistic skill and produces a super cute result.

Are you a football fan? What are some of your favorite details at a football party?

If you are interested in making these football jars yourself, here are some supplies you can use (affiliate links):

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