My Birthday Wish List

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Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday: my birthday. Okay, I’m not really that obnoxious. I know no one gives a shit about my birthday but me and maybe Matt (and that’s really only because he has to) but I love my birthday and if I want to celebrate it for a whole month, I will. I do what I want! I put together a little wish list so that anyone who wants to buy me a present (I’m looking at you, Husband) knows exactly what to buy me! And I totally will not be offended if you just buy this stuff for yourself, because it’s awesome and I don’t blame you. Should you want to send one of these to me, just email me for my address ;o)

I am obsessed with this collection of Harry Potter books. They are so beautiful and I love the colors. This set would make a really cool addition to my bookcase and I will get them at some point because they are so awesome.

I am, as you know, obsessed with pineapples right now. I know that the rest of the world is too, which is cool because it means they are everywhere. I am all about the pineapple accessories and I love this necklace!

Kate Spade is my spirit animal and I love everything in her collection. I am super into all of her office supplies because I love all office supplies, and pretty office supplies are the best. Also, I like need them for work and stuff.

Tickets to the 2017 D23 Expo. I had a blast at my first D23 Expo in 2015 and I definitely want to go back next year. I will obviously be attending no matter what because it’s going to be amazeballs.


A new tattoo. It has been a few years since my last ink (since before Squirt was born) and I am jonesing big time. I think I will be waiting until after our last scheduled trip of the summer since new tatts need to avoid sunlight and pool/ocean water, but I definitely want one. Soon. It will either be a Harry Potter or Disney one, haven’t decided yet.

hp tattoo

I could go on and on and on about things that I want/need in my life, but I don’t want to be too big of an asshole so we’ll leave it at five. What do you want right now? Any other July birthdays out there? Happy birthday month!

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