50 Things That Make Me Happy

There’s a lot going on in my life right now that is dragging me into the unhappy.  That’s not totally true–there is one thing in my life right now that is making me super unhappy and unfortunately, it’s a pretty big thing and I am stuck with it for the next six months or so–and it’s making me wallow a bit.  I’m not a fan of wallowing, especially when I have so much awesome stuff in my life to be really, really happy about.  So today I’m going to think about the good things,and focus on the happy.

1.  My husband: He’s a rock star.  Not only does he never complain about how much I complain, he does everything he can to make it all better.
2.  My son: He’s pretty much the cutest baby that ever lived.
3.  My friends: Much like my husband, they listen to me complain and don’t get mad about it.
4.  Books: I read every night before bed, as I have since I was a little kid.
5.  Harry Potter: I’m currently in the middle of my annual series reread.  I will never get tired of HP.
6. Harry Potter World: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is opening here on the West Coast in April!
7. Disneyland: Duh.
8. Starbucks: Also duh.
9. Wine: The duhest.
10.  Blogging: There is so much about blogging that makes me happy, but being able to express myself and my creativity, and connect with readers are the highlights.
11.  Football: I’m sad that college football season is mostly over, but I’m looking forward to some awesome bowl games.
12.  Christmas: I’m currently sitting in front of my lovely, fragrant tree and definitely feeling the Christmas spirit.
13.  Musicals: I’ll never get enough of Broadway.
14. Pinterest: It’s basically my favorite.
15. Instagram: It’s basically my second favorite.
16. Shopping: Especially when I have money!
17. Target: My favorite place to shop (especially when I have money).
18. Decorating: It’s more fun with money, but I also love the challenge of being able to decorate on a budget.
19. The Real Housewives: It’s one of my guiltiest pleasures, but I seriously can’t get enough.
20. Cold weather: And by that, I mean like in the sixties.  Because sweaters.
21. Baking: I wish I had more time for baking, though my waistline is probably glad I don’t.
22. Date nights: We don’t get them often, but they are the best when we do.
23. Bar trivia: I still need to check winning a round off my bucket list.
24. Crafts: Crafts are totally my yoga.
25. Weddings: I love everything about weddings, especially coordinating them!
26. Squirt’s laughter: I always loved the sound of kids laughing, even before I had (or wanted) my own, and now it’s the best sound ever.
27. Watching my husband make Squirt laugh: Indescribable.
28. Alone time: As much as I love my boys, I also relish those precious hours when it is just me.
29. Traveling: Seeing new places (or familiar places that aren’t home) is always fun.
30. Baseball games: It’s America’s past time y’all!
31. California Adventure: Because there is nothing better than drinking a beer while in line for a ride.
32. The Bachelor: Another one of my guilty pleasures.
33. Sleeping in: Another one of those things that doesn’t happen often, but it is so awesome when it does.
34. Dancing: It’s the only kind of exercise I actually like.
35: A clean house: With a husband, a toddler, and a dog, that’s about five minutes a week.
36: Pink: It’s my signature color.
37: A new planner: I love setting up a new, color-coded schedule, even if I never look at it again.
38: Ice cream: ‘Nuff said.
39: A good review from a bride: I love feeling like I really helped a bride have the wedding of her dreams.
40. A Grey Goose martini, extra dirty: When wine just isn’t going to cut it.
41. Chocolate: I’d eat it at every meal if I could.
42: Mani/pedis: If you haven’t had one, you must, immediately.
43. Game of Thrones: It’s the one show the hubs and I can watch together.
44. Hockey: It’s the one sport where hubby and I root for the same team.
45. A new haircut: Mainly because I suck at styling my hair.
46. A trip to Michaels or Joann’s: Craft supply shopping is almost as good as crafting itself.
47. Sunday dinners at my mom’s: Homemade food, lots of toddler wranglers, and good company.
48. Dawson’s Creek reruns: They make me feel like a teenager again, and they remind me how much it sucked to be a teenager sometimes.
49. Fresh flowers: They truly brighten up any space.
50. Coming home after a long day: Seeing my husband and son, kicking off my shoes, and taking off my bra–there’s nothing like the comforts of home.

I actually legitimately feel better after writing that!  What makes you happy?

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