2015 Never Land 5k Recap

The hubs and I ran our third annual Never Land 5k this past weekend, and despite some very unwanted but much needed rain, we had a pretty good run!  This was my first time running the race not pregnant, so it was obviously much easier on me this time around.  Here is our race recap!

We arrived at the park bright (well, actually dark) and early at around 4:15 am.  It was sprinkling a little as we waited outside the front gates to be let into the park.  The nice thing about our Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes is that the bill of the hat protected my glasses from the rain!  As you can see, the hubs was super excited to be up so early and hanging out in the cold.

We were greeted on Main Street by these awesome pirates.  These guys deserve a raise for being in character literally before the crack of dawn.  This is also probably the best shot of our full costumes (which we got a ton of compliments on).

We were herded down in front of the castle to wait for the starting call.  The nice thing about the 5k is that there are no assigned corrals, placement is first come first served.  We’ve always been in the first group to start the race, which in the past meant we didn’t get paced out with my slow pregnant waddle.  This time it meant we could actually stop for pictures and still finish in plenty of time.

We were treated to a short fireworks show and a fairy who shall not be named flew down to christen her running weekend.

And then we were off!  The first leg of the race was through Disneyland.  We started by the Matterhorn and went through to Fantasyland.  They had some cool projection effects on “it’s a small world” (a preview of the new fireworks show, perhaps?).

Throughout the run, we were instructed to help Peter Pan find his lost shadow so we saw several of these projections throughout the course.  They told us to crow every time we saw one.  I refrained from that, given that I was out of breath most of the time.

Mile One was near Big Thunder…

After that, we made our way toward California Adventure.  In between the parks was where we hit Mile Two…

And Mile Three was right in front of Toy Story…

By the time we got to the finish line, the rain was coming down pretty good, so we got our medals and snack packs and hit the road.  Looking back, I’m bummed we didn’t get a picture at the finish line, but we did get this gem on the shuttle back to the hotel…

All in all, it was definitely my best race.  I did actually do some running, so that is one more of my goals I can check off the list.  I  have quite a bit of training to complete before I tackle the Disneyland 10k in September, but this was some good motivation for me to keep up my running schedule.  I think the hubs and I both felt good about our finish, and as a bonus, when we got back to our hotel, Squirt was still asleep and he stayed in bed until 9:30!  A successful run in the books, plus a nap, equals a good morning for this mama.

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