My Los Angeles Summer Bucket List

As I’m sure you have realized, summer is upon us. In the past, summer meant a lot of sleeping until noon, day drinking, and doing all kinds of cool shit that you just can’t do during the school year. Now summer means finding activities to keep Squirt happy and occupied, preferably with air conditioning. (You know what I just realized? My whole life is now like summer! No school ever again!) Lucky for us, we live in one of the most entertaining cities on the planet, and despite the fact that I have lived here my whole life, there are tons of LA things I have never done. So I put together a bucket list of items for us to do this summer. Most of them will involve Squirt, but some will be just for Mom and Dad, because sanity is important y’all. Some of these things I have done before, but a lot of them will be new experiences (some it’s been so long it might as well be new). I’m sure I will be blogging about most, if not all of them, so stay tuned to see how they go!

  1. Attend a comedy show: There’s about a billion comedy clubs in LA, and while I have seen improv shows, I have never seen stand up, so that’s what I would aim for.
  2. Take Squirt to a Dodger game: He did make it to two last year, but he is much more aware now so I think he would have more fun. Also, I must do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t turn out to be a stinky Giants fan like his dad.
  3. Go to the LA Zoo: I haven’t been in forever, and Squirt has never been, so that should be a fun first time experience.
  4. Go see Shakespeare in the Park: The Independent Shakespeare Co. does some really stellar Shakespeare productions at one of the coolest parks around, can’t wait to see what they do this summer.
  5. Go to a concert in the park at Descanso Gardens: We love Descanso during the day, so I’m sure their evening concerts will be great!
  6. Read four new books: This one actually seems daunting, to be honest.
  7. Have a picnic at the Griffith Observatory: Some of the best views in LA!
  8. Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl: We did just see The Little Mermaid there, but I would also like to attend a concert that is part of the Bowl season.
  9. Try three new restaurants: In LA that should be easy, but I don’t like change, so we’ll see how it goes.
  10. Eat lunch at the LA Farmer’s Market: Eating is involved, so it must be a good one.
  11. Go shopping at the Melrose Trading Post: I’m not sure how I haven’t already done this, but this one will be new for me.
  12. Go to the Last Bookstore: Again, not sure how I have not been to this place, but I’m looking forward to it!
  13. Take Squirt to the LA Children’s Museum: This one was a fave of mine as a kid, but I haven’t been in years.
  14. Take a walk along the Venice Boardwalk: The site of my first tattoo….we’ll leave it at that.
  15. Go wine tasting in Malibu: No explanation needed.
  16. Rent a paddleboat at Echo Park Lake: I’ll leave the actual paddling to Matt, obvs.

Boom. Summer planned! Let’s see how many of these bad boys we can check off the list! If you live in LA, or are visiting this summer, feel free to print out the checklist and join me on my quest!

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