What Goes On Behind The Velvet Ropes At A Casino?


Whether you are a serious gambler or just curious about what goes on behind the velvet ropes, a casino is an exciting place to be. Champagne glasses clink and people from all walks of life mix in an electrifying atmosphere that makes it hard to concentrate on the shuffle of cards or click of the slot machines. For some, casinos are a destination of their own and they travel the world to experience them. Others are just passing through and stumble upon them, and they find themselves having a really great time!

While a casino is not a gambling house in the strict sense of the word, it does offer a variety of gambling activities and is sometimes combined with hotels, resorts, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. Besides gambling, many casinos host live events such as concerts and sporting matches and also have bars, nightclubs and shops. Some have swimming pools, spas and fitness centers, and some even have golf courses.

Something about casinos seems to encourage people to cheat and steal, which is why they have an extensive security system. Many have cameras in every corner, and employees are trained to watch for suspicious behavior. There are also special rooms that monitor high-stakes tables. These high rollers are considered valuable customers and are given comps such as free hotel rooms, dinners, shows and limo service.

Monte Carlo, the glamorous old-world city that was made famous by Hollywood movie icons like Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn, is a must-visit for anyone who loves to gamble. In addition to its swanky casino, Monte Carlo offers a range of other attractions, including luxurious beaches, elegant cafes and restaurants, and glamorous shops.

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