Life Updates and Other Random Shit

Hi friends! I decided to get off my lazy ass and actually write something for once. Everything I have been posting lately has been formulaic, the kind of shit I feel like I NEED to write, and nothing that I actually want to write. So I decided to switch things up a bit and focus on the wants. Which means there will be plenty of swearing and probably a fair amount of hashtagging in this post. #sorrynotsorry

Wedding season is almost over! This has been my busiest year yet, which is good since it’s how I make my money these days. #girlboss I am already starting to book up for 2018 and I’m excited to see where things go from here. As of right now, I will have coordinated 27 weddings by the end of 2017 (though hoping for a few more, I’d like to get to 30!). Loving my job and being my own boss has done wonders for my mental health. I do feel bad when my teacher friends ask me if I miss teaching, because for the most part, that’s a big fat nope. I do miss the kids and many of my colleagues, but being free from the assholes who ruined it for everybody is pretty freeing. October is actually going to be my busiest month with six weddings, and then I get a bit of a break in November and December. And then it’s on to the next!

Rejection is a bitch. So if you have been here before, you might know that I self-published my first novel, Casting Call, earlier this year. It’s a book I wrote mostly for fun, and honestly, I published it mostly so I could put it to bed and focus on a YA project that I am obsessed with and trying to put some actual effort into. Well, my draft of said YA book is done and I have been slowly but steadily querying agents for the past two months, and so far it’s a whole lot of “it’s not you, it’s me” form rejection letters. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that was coming, and I was braced for it, but it doesn’t take the sting out of opening those emails. But I will keep on keeping on! I’m also working on a new romance novel that I am having a lot of fun with and will tell you more about later. #chicklit4lyfe

Podcasting is my new favorite thing. If you haven’t listened to Down to Fangirl yet, get your effing ass over to iTunes right this effing minute and download every single episode we have released so far. Seriously, I don’t really care if you listen to it or not, creating this podcast with my cohost Brianna is one of the highlights of my week. I mean, what could be better than drinking and chatting nerdom things with one of my besties? Also, we’re really fucking funny.

Other recent realizations of life: Target $5 wine is bomb. I’m having Game of Thrones withdrawals. Hauloween at Cars Land is the shit. I’m ready for fall. I need new music/podcasts to listen to. Newsies is on Netflix (though I imagine not for much longer as I’m sure it will get pulled when the other Disney titles go away). I miss New York. I want to see Hamilton again.

Instagram sucks right now. I put A LOT of effort into growing my two main IG accounts and for a while, I was having amazing success. But now thanks to whatever bullshit changes they have been making, engagement sucks and I have been losing followers by the thousands (not even exaggerating). So I’m posting a lot more of whatever the eff I want rather than whatever the eff I’m “supposed” to. Also, since you stuck around this long, go follow me on Instagram, I’ve got like eight different accounts and I am lazy AF so I’m not even going to link them, but here are my deets: @falonloveslife, @coffeebookswinerepeat, @girllovesla, @dtfangirlpod, @falonbweddings.

Alright yo. Just a little stream of consciousness for you on this fine Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. Have a great weekend!

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Giveaway: The Ultimate Fangirl Prize Pack

Hopefully by now you have heard about my new podcast I’m co-hosting with my fellow fangirl Brianna called Down to Fangirl. On the podcast, we talk everything fandoms, from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter to Disney (obvs) to Broadway. Basically, if you geek out about it, we dish about it. In order to celebrate Down to Fangirl, I have put together a pretty epic collection of fangirly goodies for you to enter to win. See the entry form at the bottom of this post and make sure you enter! Here’s what you can win:

A Disney Parks official Red Rose Tumbler, a Beauty and the Beast earring set, and a Little Mermaid themed bracelet…

…plus a Wonder Woman mini Funko Pop keychain, Wonder Woman scented candle, Avengers Lip Smacker,and comic themed zipper pull and multi-color pen…

…in addition to this Funko Pop Han Solo and Greedo salt and pepper shaker set, Star Wars sweatbands, Yoda patch, and Han and Leia silhouette earrings…

…PLUS all kinds of other nerdom treats, including a Crookshanks mystery Funko, Wicked inspired necklace, Les Miserables inspired ring, dinosaur earrings, and MORE. I will be adding some other fangirl goodies to the prize pack as added surprises. Guys, this giveaway is HUGE! One person is going to take home all of this awesomeness!

Please see the form at the bottom of this post for official entries, but here are some links that will be helpful for you!

Down to Fangirl Podcast on iTunes  *****  @dtfangirlpod on Instagram  *****  @falonloveslife on Instagram

@coffeebookswinerepeat on Instagram  *****  @falonloveslife on Twitter  *****  Down to Fangirl on Facebook

If you are into any of the items featured in this prize pack, you are probably going to love our podcast! We hope you’ll check it out! And don’t forget to enter to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Life Right Now

Hi friends! It felt like a good time for a check in, and I love doing these posts because they remind me of all the great stuff I have going on in life!

Making buttons! I am obsessed, and even bought a button maker, though I haven’t had time to try it yet. Tutorial coming soon!
Drinking lots of rose. And I’m totally cool with my basic life.
Reading so. many. amazing. books. I have almost reached my reading goal for 2017!
Wanting to find a literary agent!
Playing Hamilton! I just saw it for the second time last week and I love it even more now!

Wishing for a weekend off!
Enjoying bingeing Reign.
Waiting for foooootbaaaaallll!
Liking being able to have real conversations with Squirt.
Wondering if I am going to be able to find a literary agent this year.
Loving the Red Queen book series.
Hoping my podcast Down to Fangirl continues to grow!
Needing some sleep. As always.
Wearing shorts and tees and flip flops. But ready to be done with summer clothes!


Following lots of pretty bookstagram accounts, find mine @coffeebookswinerepeat!
Noticing why the term “threenager” was coined.
Knowing that as busy as I am with weddings, it’s going to be a bummer when the season is over.
Thinking about how to revamp my query letter.
Anticipating FALL. Bring on the boots and sweaters and holidays!
Celebrating a successful summer.
Laughing at Squirt (as usual). His personality is really coming out these days and he is constantly amusing me.
Feeling happy, excited, hopeful, and accomplished.

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Down to Fangirl Show Notes: Episodes 8, 9, and 10

This post contains affiliate links.

Okay, I know that I have really been sucking at keeping up with the show notes, but I’m going to try to do better, I promise! I have three episodes worth of goodies for you, so hopefully that will make up for the major delay. And if you haven’t already listened to the most recent episodes of Down to Fangirl, check them out!

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about our August book club book, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Check out Episode 8 of the podcast for all of our thoughts, but suffice to say, Brianna and I both loved it. We also celebrated Harry Potter’s birthday with some HP themed games, because you can never have too much HP.


On Episode 9, we talked about A LOT of books, all of which are pictured and linked below. Check out the episode for specifics on what we thought of each one!


We also gave shout outs to two of our favorite podcasts, So Many Damn Books (Brianna) and Bitch Sesh (Falon).

We also announced our book club pick for September, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, which we’ll be discussing on our September 5th episode.

On our most recent episode, I talked about the fun read One of Us is Lying, and we talked about two new shows we’ve been watching: Friends from College (B) and Bachelorette (me). If you see a theme with our podcast/TV show choices, you’re beginning to catch on. And I of course have to mention the highbrow musical stylings we’ve been taking in: Biggie’s Greatest Hits and “Perm” by Bruno Mars.


Thank you for checking in to see our show notes! Don’t forget to download, subscribe, and leave us a review!

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Owl Crate Subscription Box: July

Guys, I am soooooo behind on my monthly posts it’s not even funny. But I’m still going to post them anyway because that’s how I roll. So I received my July Owl Crate more than two weeks ago, and I had some high expectations for this box because the theme was Wanderlust, which I love. For the most part, I liked everything in the box, though it maybe wasn’t as pretty or cutesy as I expected it to be. But that’s okay, because I still scored some cool loot! Here’s what I got:

The book for this month is The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee. I have to say, this is maybe the best author letter I’ve ever seen in an Owl Crate. So cute and fun and it made me want to dive into the book. Which I haven’t yet, but hopefully will soon!

Two of the items I was kind of eh about were this owl luggage tag from Mudpuppy and this pocket mirror from Miss Phi. I haven’t read A Darker Shade of Magic yet (it’s on my miles long list) so that one didn’t resonate with me personally. I did love this little notebook from Ooly. It reminds me of one of my favorite places, New York, and I am a sucker for tiny journals.

By far, my favorite item this month is the Newt Scamander Funko Pop keychain. I already have the Niffler one, so they make the perfect pair! I also really like the Lord of the Rings inspired backpack from the Owl Crate team, though it is probably not something I will use myself.


The book and the Newt keychain sold this month’s box for me because they are both so cool. The theme for next month is Something Wicked This Way Comes, which just happens to be one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite plays, so suffice to say, I’m stoked for it! If you are interested in checking out Owl Crate for yourself, please use my affiliate link! Happy reading!

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What I Read: July

This post contains affiliate links.

So I legit just almost titled this post What I Read: June because that is how crazy the past couple of months have been. I mean, I knew wedding season would be zero weekend freedom, but I was not prepared for the onslaught of meetings, walk throughs, and rehearsals I would be faced with during the week. In short, summer has flown the eff by. And now Matt is back to school, which means my days are filled with attempting to work and hang with the kiddo, which is not always the easiest combo (shocker). So yeah. That’s my long-winded excuse for being so behind on posts ;o)

But now, onto the reads! I managed to knock out five books in July, which considering how busy I was, is pretty damn good. And they were all relatively enjoyable reads, so bonus!

The Return by Kelly St. Clare: I was provided with a free copy of this novel in exchange for my review. I previously read the first book in the series, The Retreat, and for the most part, enjoyed it. I didn’t love the sequel as much. The characters felt very forced and the dialogue was extremely cheesy and fake. I still loved the sci-fi concept behind the series, but this book was not as well executed as the first. Also, while I LOVE supporting independent authors who self-publish, I cannot handle the spelling/grammar/formatting issues that come along with most indie books. My English teacher brain shuts down.

The Program by Suzanne Young: I talked about this book on the podcast a few weeks ago. I really loved the entire concept overall, and it is very well written. I’m a sucker for a good futuristic/dystopian novel and this one was really interesting. It does deal with suicide, so I would urge everyone to check out the summary if you have any trigger issues. But definitely a thought-provoking read to say the least.

The Siren by Kiera Cass: I really only picked this one up because I enjoyed the Selection series so much. This was a good summer read: easy, fun, romantic, and light. Cass noted in her acknowledgements at the end of the book that she actually wrote Siren before the Selection series, but wasn’t able to find a publisher. It wasn’t until the popularity of her series that she was able to get this book published. It definitely reads like a first novel, but at the same time, Cass has such great style that it’s an enjoyable read.

Champion by Marie Lu: After struggling a little with Prodigy, I was so happy to read and love Champion. I loved the ending of the series, even though I cried my eyes out. It was such a moving and emotional end that it really cemented my love for the series as a whole. I highly recommend starting with Legend and reading the entire series.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard: I LOVED this book. In fact, I finished the rest of the series already, though technically they were August reads. Such a great concept, and Aveyard’s writing is amazing. Her battle scenes are some of the best I have ever read and I was enthralled by the details in her writing. We talked about the final book in the series, King’s Cage, on the podcast last week so if you’ve already read the books, go listen to hear all my thoughts!

All in all, a pretty awesome month of reading! I’ve already knocked out three books this month, and I am aiming for three more, so come back next month to read all about them!

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12 Things Your Wedding Coordinator Wants You to Know But Probably Won’t Tell You

As I’m sure you all know, we are in the throes of wedding season, which means I am bus-y. I am coordinating weddings pretty much every weekend this summer and as I realize in these busy times, there are a lot of things wedding coordinators want to (and maybe should) tell our brides. But we don’t because some of it sounds kinda bitchy. In fact, I am hoping that this post doesn’t piss off any of my current or past brides who may see it. But the truth of the matter is, these are tips that can help brides have an awesome wedding, and thus, I have decided to share them with you. Hopefully, it will help! (And to any of my former or current brides reading this, I love you all!)

Whatever you do, do not lie to your wedding coordinator. Think of your coordinator like your doctor. Lying to her is only going to hurt you. I have had several weddings where brides fibbed about the scope of work that needed to be done in terms of set up. I’ve had brides tell me other vendors would be responsible for set up, only to have said vendors show up, drop off and leave. I make my plan for the day of your wedding based on the information you give me. If you give me incorrect or incomplete info, I can’t do my job to the best of my ability. Be honest about what is going to need to be done on the day of so that I can insure I have the tools/hands needed to make it happen.

Trust your vendors to do their jobs. It’s really hard for wedding pros (or any pros for that matter) to do our jobs when we are constantly being bombarded by family members or bridesmaids questioning whether or not we are going to do our jobs. All the time it takes for us to reassure those family members and bridesmaids is time taken away from us actually working on your wedding. One example: I was coordinating an outdoor wedding and the day before it had rained. The chairs at the ceremony site all needed to be wiped down. I saw this immediately upon arriving at the venue and promptly added it to my to do list. The mother of the groom–at three different times throughout the set up–asked me to clean the chairs. Each time, I assured her it would get done. Each time, I had to stop what I was doing, explain to Mom that it was on my list, and then return to my task at hand. I understand that in highly emotional times, people can get a little frenzied, but you gotta trust the pros to do what we’re being paid to do. And if, for whatever reason, you don’t trust a pro, don’t hire them. Period.

If I ask for something, it’s because I need it to do my job. I have been doing this for a while now (six years). I know exactly what I need in order to have a smooth wedding. I send a checklist to all my brides a month before the wedding with everything I need from them, including two specific forms that need to be filled out. I can’t tell you how many times I don’t get everything I asked for. I’m asking for these items to make sure your vision is fulfilled. If you don’t provide me with the info I need, I can’t do that.

Family members and bridal party members are rarely as helpful as they think. This might sound harsh, but for real, sending your entourage to “help” with set up usually does more harm than good. Things they can help with: unloading/loading boxes from cars, moving/setting up furniture…..that’s about it. I don’t need a groomsman to attempt to arrange the gift table, because chances are I’m going to have to go back and redo it later (however, I am always uber grateful for groomsmen who help with load out at the end of the night!). Set up goes much more smoothly when (usually) well-meaning helpers stay out of the way.

I can’t control the elements. I am lucky to live and work in Southern California, where over my six year career I have had one wedding rained out (as in, was planned for outdoors and had to be tented as there was no other option kind of rained out). Wind is typically the biggest weather issue we face in So Cal and it can mean knocked over centerpieces, flyaway place cards, and flipped up linens. Unfortunately, there is not much than can be done to combat the wind, so sometimes you just have to go with the flow (get it?) and accept the weather for what it is and whatever limitations it may cause.

Please don’t tip everyone but me. It sucks. As most wedding vendors will tell you, I don’t really expect tips. I would say that at least half, probably more, of my couples do tip, which is amazing and I am grateful every time. However, more than once I have handed out a tip to every other vendor–DJ, photographer, bartenders–only to be the only vendor (the first to arrive and the last to leave vendor) not to receive a tip. You don’t have to tip, but if you do, don’t exclude just one person (especially not the person handing out the tips to everyone else).

Speaking of tips….I can’t tell you how many times I have had to hand over an envelope of cash to a vendor who didn’t deserve it. Part of my job is to make sure you, my couple, think the day runs seamlessly, but many times behind the scenes things aren’t so pretty. I’ve had vendors show up hours late. I’ve had vendors drunk on the job. I’ve had vendors treat me, other vendors, and venue staff like shit. And unless something really terrible happens, I’m not going to tell you about it. Ever. Not even after the wedding. I would never want to ruin your image of your perfect day by telling you the gritty details of what happened out of sight of you and your guests. My suggestion: tell your day of coordinator to award tips at her discretion. Then appoint a friend or family member to collect any unawarded tips at the end of the night. That way your friends/family can give you your money back at a later date without ruining your wedding high, and only vendors who have earned a tip receive one.

If you aren’t going to be organized, you don’t get to be picky. 90% of the weddings I work are solely day of. While any coordinator out there would tell you “day of” doesn’t just mean on your wedding day, it does mean that I am not a part of your planning or your conversations with other vendors along the way. If you are not organized with your instructions for me, or your actual stuff (think guest book, centerpieces, place cards, etc.) is not organized, then you don’t get to be picky about how things look. My general motto: You can give me thorough instructions and I will set up your wedding exactly how you want me to, or you can give me no instructions and I will set up your wedding how I want to. Honestly, both of those options are fine (I actually enjoy having control of the decor as that is the fun part of my job). What you can’t expect to be is unorganized in your preparation and super picky about how things turn out.

Prep your stuff. Again, this pertains mainly to  couples hiring day of coordinators. I am seeing your decor for the first time on the day of the wedding. When I open the boxes to set up your stuff, said stuff should be ready to go. That means tags cut off, stickers removed, items unwrapped from individual plastic wrapping, etc. Also, ALPHABETIZE YOUR PLACE CARDS. It can take an hour of set up time for a large wedding guest list to alphabetize all of those place cards. I don’t plan for that, so when it happens, it puts me way behind schedule.

If you choose not take my advice, don’t get mad at me if it doesn’t work out. I will answer any questions my brides have about planning and I give my opinion freely (when asked). They are then free to decide whether or not they want to take my advice. Honestly, I don’t even get mad when my advice is not taken. It’s your wedding, do what you want. What I am not cool with is being blamed for something that happens when I advised against the situation in the first place. One example: I always recommend that place cards and/or seating charts be set up in the cocktail hour area. That way guests have the whole hour to find their seats and there is no back up when people move from cocktail hour space to reception space. Many brides want to put place cards and seating charts right at the entrance to the reception space. If that’s what they want, then that’s what I do. But then don’t get snippy with me when there’s a line of a hundred people waiting to find their names, thus pushing back our schedule and making everything else run late. And yes, in those instances, I am saying I told you so in my head.

Get everything in writing. If you have a conversation with a vendor and they tell you they will do something extra or something not in your contract, get it in writing. And then send it to your coordinator. As vendors, we have a lot of conversations with a lot of couples, and if we promise to do something out of our normal pattern, we might forget. If I have it in writing, it is much easier to make sure you get everything you were promised.

Realize that at the end of the day, if you are married, you had a successful wedding. This is my number one motto when it comes to weddings. We often forget what the day is really about. Yes, you’re spending thousands of dollars on this party, but the most important thing you are doing on your wedding day is getting MARRIED. If that happens, then you had a good wedding. Maybe things went wrong along the way and the flowers wilted and the place cards blew over and everything was an hour later than it was supposed to be. In the grand scheme of life, none of that matters. If you find yourself freaking or stressing out on the day of, think about the real reason you are there. And let your coordinator take care of the rest ;o)

In Southern California and looking for a kickass wedding coordinator? Please check out my website and send me an email! I’d love to work with you!

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