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10 Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now

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I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to go in waves when it comes to things I enjoy. I’ll become stuck on one thing for months on end, get tired of it and switch to something new. Today I am going to share with you some of my current obsessions, along with some things I have been stuck on for years (and those are the things you should pay attention to because if it has lasted, it has to be good). If you want to be super awesome, click the links and purchase some of these goodies for yourself (and by doing so, you’ll also throw me a few pennies, which I totally appreciate).

1. Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas: I just finished the third book in this series, and I am totally hooked. The fourth book is currently only available in hardback so I’m going to try to hold out as long as I can before I buy it (all the other three I have are in paperback and I need my series books to match…because I’m anal like that). In the meantime, I’ll have to satisfy my needs with the prequel, which I picked up the other day. If you’re into young adult lit or fantasy/adventure, definitely pick this one up.

obsessed 1

2. The Straight Up with Stassi Podcast: If you know me, you know I am a reality TV whore (just keep reading) so I already knew and loved Stassi since she is head bitch in charge on Vanderpump Rules. Her podcast is hilarious, especially since many of her guests are female comedians. She talks about all kinds of pop culture stuff, including lots of other reality TV shows, and it is super fun to listen to all her stories and insight.

obsessed 2

3. Spray Sunscreen for Kids: Squirt has been spending tons of time outside this summer and if you have ever tried to lotion up a wriggling toddler, you know what a nightmare sunscreen can be. But we live in So Cal and it is hot AF right now and sunscreen is a must. Luckily, some genius invented spray sunscreen, which, my kid at least, thinks is hilarious. Also, it’s way faster and way less messy/greasy than the old fashioned stuff.

obsessed 3

4. The Bachelorette: It wouldn’t be summer without The Bachelorette and so far I am loving JoJo. However, her men kind of suck. I don’t trust any of them at this point, and my favorite, Wells, was sent home in the last episode. #sadface The rest of the guys seem like assholes (I’m sure they’re lovely in person, but I can only judge based on what I see on my TV).

obsessed 4

5. Vintage Real Housewives Marathons: Oh Bravo, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Lately Bravo has been blessing us with some super awesome marathons of early seasons of my favorite Housewives franchises. Now, I have watched the Housewives since the beginning so these are episodes I have already seen, but it has been absolutely fabulous to watch them again, ten years later. I totally forgot how batshit crazy Alex and Simon are.

obsessed 5

6. The Schick Hydro Silk Razor : Ugh. Summer is here and that means I actually have to shave on a regular basis. Booooooo. I freakin’ hate shaving. Luckily, a while back I got to review this razor and I have actually gone back and purchased it on my own several times since then. The best thing about this razor is that you don’t need any kind of shaving cream or soap, shave gel is built into the razor itself. Also, it has like 20 blades (or like five) so I’m usually good with one swipe. Anything that makes the shaving process easier is a win.

obsessed 6

7. Blue Nail Polish: Okay, this one is totally random and I have no idea where it came from since I am typically ride or die pink when it comes to my nails, but lately I have been drawn to the blue. It’s currently  gracing my nails and I think it will be on my toes the next time I find a minute to give myself a pedi.

obsessed 7

8. HGTV Magazine: I love this magazine, and it is one of the few I actually buy on a regular basis. I am mainly drawn to the bright colors, but I also love it for the awesome DIY tutorials and projects you can find inside. The only bad thing is that it makes me want to redecorate my entire house every time I read a new issue.

obsessed 8

9. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner: Despite the super obnoxious long name, this leave in conditioner is the shit. I became addicted to it when I worked a short stint at a beauty supply store, which was awesome because I got a sweet discount. Since then, I have tried other leave ins, mostly because I spent a lot of time being broke, but nothing has ever come close to this stuff. In the summer months when I am in the sun and the pool all the time, this conditioner saves my hair. Also, you should totally buy it from Amazon (click the link!) because I just spent $17.99 for a bottle at Target and it is only $11.00 on Amazon. Boo me.

obsessed 9

10. Owl Crate Subscription Box: Seriously, I am in love with this subscription. I have never signed up for a subscription service before and this was the first one that really piqued my interest enough to sign up. I just received my third box and it was my favorite one yet. I am already counting down to next month’s box!

owl crate subscription box

What are your current obsessions? Anything you can’t live without that I should try? Let me know!

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My Los Angeles Summer Bucket List

As I’m sure you have realized, summer is upon us. In the past, summer meant a lot of sleeping until noon, day drinking, and doing all kinds of cool shit that you just can’t do during the school year. Now summer means finding activities to keep Squirt happy and occupied, preferably with air conditioning. (You know what I just realized? My whole life is now like summer! No school ever again!) Lucky for us, we live in one of the most entertaining cities on the planet, and despite the fact that I have lived here my whole life, there are tons of LA things I have never done. So I put together a bucket list of items for us to do this summer. Most of them will involve Squirt, but some will be just for Mom and Dad, because sanity is important y’all. Some of these things I have done before, but a lot of them will be new experiences (some it’s been so long it might as well be new). I’m sure I will be blogging about most, if not all of them, so stay tuned to see how they go!

  1. Attend a comedy show: There’s about a billion comedy clubs in LA, and while I have seen improv shows, I have never seen stand up, so that’s what I would aim for.
  2. Take Squirt to a Dodger game: He did make it to two last year, but he is much more aware now so I think he would have more fun. Also, I must do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t turn out to be a stinky Giants fan like his dad.
  3. Go to the LA Zoo: I haven’t been in forever, and Squirt has never been, so that should be a fun first time experience.
  4. Go see Shakespeare in the Park: The Independent Shakespeare Co. does some really stellar Shakespeare productions at one of the coolest parks around, can’t wait to see what they do this summer.
  5. Go to a concert in the park at Descanso Gardens: We love Descanso during the day, so I’m sure their evening concerts will be great!
  6. Read four new books: This one actually seems daunting, to be honest.
  7. Have a picnic at the Griffith Observatory: Some of the best views in LA!
  8. Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl: We did just see The Little Mermaid there, but I would also like to attend a concert that is part of the Bowl season.
  9. Try three new restaurants: In LA that should be easy, but I don’t like change, so we’ll see how it goes.
  10. Eat lunch at the LA Farmer’s Market: Eating is involved, so it must be a good one.
  11. Go shopping at the Melrose Trading Post: I’m not sure how I haven’t already done this, but this one will be new for me.
  12. Go to the Last Bookstore: Again, not sure how I have not been to this place, but I’m looking forward to it!
  13. Take Squirt to the LA Children’s Museum: This one was a fave of mine as a kid, but I haven’t been in years.
  14. Take a walk along the Venice Boardwalk: The site of my first tattoo….we’ll leave it at that.
  15. Go wine tasting in Malibu: No explanation needed.
  16. Rent a paddleboat at Echo Park Lake: I’ll leave the actual paddling to Matt, obvs.

Boom. Summer planned! Let’s see how many of these bad boys we can check off the list! If you live in LA, or are visiting this summer, feel free to print out the checklist and join me on my quest!

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Life Right Now

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I did one of these bad boys, so I thought it was time for a check in. This is how I’m rolling right about now!

Making fabric covered Minnie ears. I have a problem.
Drinking one of my favorite summertime drinks: Corona Light with lime and salt.
Reading the Throne of Glass series, which is really good so far.
Wanting a vacation!.
Playing lots of podcasts, mainly Straight Up with Stassi and the Bitch Bible.
Wishing I were lounging by the pool with a cocktail!

My office is coming along!

My office is coming along!


Enjoying The Bachelorette…so far.
Waiting for a really awesome package that I am super excited for.
Liking my new subscription to Owl Crate.
Wondering how life as an entrepreneur is going to treat me.
Loving blogging for myself bitches. Oh, and cussing.
Hoping for lots of work over the summer.
Needing a massage.  For reals.
Wearing flip flops. Because once I break them out, I refuse to go back to real shoes.

The Owl Crate Young Adult Lit subscription box is my new favorite thing.

The Owl Crate Young Adult Lit subscription box is my new favorite thing.


Following everything/one related to Game of Thrones.
Noticing that Squirt may have inherited my stubborn streak.
Knowing that everything will work out in the end.
Thinking about finances, and advertising, and taxes…the joys of starting a business.

Basically my motto in life.

Basically my motto in life.


Anticipating lots of summer trips.
Celebrating Squirt’s second birthday!
Laughing at my kid. I mean with my kid.

So close to the perfect selfie. So close.

So close to the perfect selfie. So close.

Feeling relieved, anxious, hopeful, excited, free and positive.

My last day of teaching was three days ago and it was a bittersweet day. But mostly, I am so excited to be my own boss and do something (actually many things) that I really love. I can’t wait to see what comes next!


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A New Outlook on Blogging

Well folks, my days as a teacher are numbered (literally,I’m counting down the days–it’s six if you were wondering) and as I embark on this next chapter of life, filled with following my dreams and living my truth and all kinds of cheesy cliches, I have made some decisions. And some of these decisions are going to affect how I blog, but hopefully in a good way. I don’t want to say I am done with the ambition of becoming a full time blogger because let’s be real, if I all the sudden become a super special unicorn blogger who’s raking in six figures, then um…yeah, I’m going to do that. Not like I’m going to be turning away those checks.

But I’m also going to change the focus on my blog a bit. I’m going to write for me, and for you. I’m not going to write for brands and, specifically not for Disney. The chance of me becoming one of the few bloggers on the inside at Disney events is slim to none. The chance of me becoming one of the bloggers invited to Disney red carpet events, and even the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is pretty slim. So eff it. Let me be clear, not eff them (I will always heart you, Disney), but eff this idea of writing a blog to appeal to someone else. I’m tired of censoring my potty mouth to protect this idea of being brand friendly, when in reality it’s gotten me like definitely not enough money to be worth it. That doesn’t mean I won’t be working with brands, I’m happy to work with those who get me and are cool with my style of writing, but I’m not going to pitch products I don’t believe in. And I’m done holding back me, and my voice.

Because sometimes, you just need to say “fuck”.


That felt good.

I realize that most of you are not regular readers of this blog, and you just pop by to check out a tutorial, probably via Pinterest, and that’s awesome; hopefully whatever brought you here turns out to be useful to you. But if you do plan on becoming a regular (hi!) know that you are going to see a lot more swearing like the sailor I am deep down inside, and a hell of a lot more honest opinions. Which means the content here is going to become a lot more varied. Whatevs. I do what I want.

There will still be crafts, and travel, and family stuff, and books, and all the things I love, including Disney, always Disney. There will just be a lot more me in them. So I’m still going to teach you how to make fabric covered Minnie ears, but I am also going to not hold back when it comes to how freakin’ frustrating those bitches can be to put together.

I seriously have had more fun these past ten minutes writing this post than I have had in a while on this blog (at least the writing/posting portion, I legit enjoy the majority of the experiences/crafts/books I write about). So go me. Hopefully you enjoy this new turn, but if not that’s cool too.

And with that, we out.

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Reading List Check In: The Heir, Night Circus, and #GIRLBOSS

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Hello bookworms! Back in January I shared my 2016 Reading List with you, and I have actually made a (small) bit of progress! I thought I would take some time today to highlight some of the books I have completed, and let you know where I will be heading next.

The first book I finished from the list was #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso…


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Get to Know Me

So things have been a little crazy for me in the past few months with this whole blog switcheroo happening. As a blogger, I have constantly heard people preach the wonders of WordPress and the pitfalls of Blogger, and so I made the switch. And honestly, I haven’t been super thrilled with the results yet. I like some of the plugins that are available on WordPress, but saying it isn’t as user friendly as Blogger is the understatement of the century. It took me a long time to get everything transferred over and to a place where I felt good about my new look. And my pageviews and stats are still recovering, and I’m not super happy with the direction things are going. I’m hoping that once summer hits and I am able to devote some more time to really learning the ins and outs of WordPress I will be happier, but for now, I’m having some blog regrets.

ANYWAY. That’s not really the point for today, though it does have something to do with it. I know I am getting some new readers due to the switch, so I thought I would do a a kind of fun Q and A so you newbs can get to know me, and so you loyal readers (hi Mom!) can maybe learn something new about me. So please excuse this super self indulgent post.


Hey! That’s me!

Are you named after someone? Yes, and this is a somewhat awesome story. My mom first heard the name Falon on the 80’s soap opera Dynasty. She thought it was cool and unique and decided it was the perfect name for me. Of course, giving me a unique name wasn’t enough, she had to then take out an L and give it a unique spelling. So I basically spent my childhood correcting people on the pronunciation and never finding anything personalized ever. But it’s cool now, partially thanks to Jimmy Fallon. And I totally gave my kid a unique name and then spelled it wrong. So go me.

When was the last time you cried? A couple of days ago when my mom and I went to see the musical Once. It was a really beautiful show.


Do you have kids? Yes, an almost two year old son, referred to on here as Squirt (not his real name).

If you were someone else, would you be friends with you? This is an interesting question (and not one I came up with, clearly). I would like to think I would be, however, I also know that I am not an easy person to get to know as I can be quite shy and guarded. But I do have several friends that I have been friends with for years, so I think that means I am an okay friend.

24 hour

Do you have a guilty pleasure? I watch so much reality TV, I probably should be ashamed of it, but I’m not. I love it, it is my escape and I make no apologies for it.

What is your favorite cereal? Lucky Charms, but I never eat it ’cause of that whole responsible adult crap.

What is the first thing you notice about people? Probably their smile as I think that tells a lot about a person.

What is your favorite TV show? Ugh, so so many. Get ready for this intellectual collection here: Vanderpump Rules, The Bachelor/ette and Bachelor in Paradise, Real Housewives, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, HTGAWM, Scandal, The People’s Couch…to name a few.

Summer or winter? I really do like both, but since summer means vacation for the hubs (and used to for me), and all of our birthdays and our wedding anniversary are in the summer, I’ll go with summer.


Where were you born? Like, in the valley, duh. For reals, I am legitimately born and raised in Los Angeles, as was my mother, which makes us super special unicorns in Lala Land.

What are your hobbies? Reading, writing (obvs.), going to Disneyland, going to the theater, drinking and eating, crafting, shopping, hanging with my peeps.

Do you have any pets? I have a little min pin/chihuahua named Winston.


What color is your car? White.

What did you want to be when you grew up? So many things: author, teacher, director, journalist, stage manager…and looking at that list now, I have done almost all of those at some point in my adult life, so yay me!

What’s the furthest you’ve been from home? Ummmm…I think it would be Boston, Mass or Hawaii. Both are pretty equal from LA and I am too lazy to look up the exact numbers to see which is the furthest. I haven’t been out of the country yet, though it’s on my list!

So that’s a little looksy at me! Thank you for allowing me to spend all this time talking about myself, I promise I don’t do it very often!

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Life Right Now

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to another version of my Life Right Now. “Turmoil” seems like kind of a harsh word, but that’s pretty much the state of things these days. I am coming up on the busiest time at school with all of our drama productions, and engagement season is coming to a close and wedding season is about to kick off. Oh, and I’m preparing to leave teaching and coordinate weddings full time. That’s not terrifying at all. So it’s a hectic time, but an exciting one! Here’s the happs…

Making all kinds of stuff for a bridal show I am attending next weekend. Spray paint and glitter are everywhere!
Drinking alcohol has actually taken a backseat as I try to lose the twenty pounds the stress of this school year has packed on me. Still lots of coffee though. Always coffee.
Reading some fun and brainless books to relax me at night. Just finished Night Circus and Girl Boss, both of which were fab.
Wanting to feel secure in my new career path.
Playing the Hamilton album on repeat.
Wishing the school year was over!


Falon B Weddings is in full swing! I’ll be at the Knollwood Country Club Bridal Show next weekend!


Enjoying the return of my favorite shows. In particular, How to Get Away with Murder, Survivor and The People’s Couch.
Waiting for summer!!!!
Liking this random burst of cold weather/rain we’re getting this weekend.
Wondering how life as an entrepreneur is going to treat me.
Loving hanging with my little dude.
Hoping career stuff works out the way I want it to.
Needing a massage.  For reals.
Wearing some summer stuff and then some winter stuff because that’s how So Cal rolls.

Coffee for days!

Coffee for days!


Following lots of pretty wedding people on my new Instagram, @falonbweddings.
Noticing that the terrible two’s may be visiting us early, tantrums for days.
Knowing that everything will work out in the end.
Thinking about finances, and advertising, and taxes…the joys of starting a business.

One day he is going to hate me for putting pictures like this on the internet.

One day he is going to hate me for putting pictures like this on the internet.


Anticipating all of my upcoming weddings!
Celebrating any and all of my wedding coordinating successes.
Laughing at The People’s Couch. One of the best and most underrated shows on TV.
Feeling stressed, grateful, tired, anxious, and hopeful.

Always thankful for this guy who supports me no matter what!

Always thankful for this guy who supports me no matter what!

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