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January Check In Plus February Goals

Holy hell folks. Where did the month of January go?!?! Like seriously, it is February 1st and I am still thinking it’s December. January obviously flew by, and while it was a great month in a lot of respects, there is also a shit ton of stuff that I just did not get done. But, I did make some progress, and that should be celebrated, so let’s first take a look back at my goals for the first month of 2017 and how I did:

January’s Mini Goals and Priorities:

–Put together my media kit — Yeah, didn’t even start this one so it’s back on my list for February.

–Start planning my sister’s bachelorette party — Haven’t done much for this, but I did research some hotels, so it’s not a complete failure.

–Start getting my tax info organized — LOL

–Read four books — Crushed this one, I actually read seven!

–Organize stuff for @mynerdycloset (my Instagram pop-up shop) and post more items for sale, and on a more regular basis — I took a lot of product pictures, but I only posted one item, and that was technically in February.

January’s Social Media Goals: Not going to lie, I pretty much killed it on social media this month! These were my goals:

Instagram: 11.5k       Facebook: 300       Twitter: 1700        Pinterest: 7000

And here are my numbers as of writing this post:

Instagram: 12.7k      Facebook: 313        Twitter: 1732       Pinterest: 8102

Okay, so Facebook and Twitter weren’t all that impressive, but Pinterest and Instagram made up for it, and I technically hit all of my numbers. #blessed

Since February is a short month to begin with, I’m sure it’s going to be March before I know it. So here are my goals for February, that I better get started on right away!

February Mini Goals and Priorities:

–Put together my media kit.

–Contact hotel’s for Sister’s bachelorette party

–Organize tax info

–Read four books

–Write 10k words in my novel

February’s Social Media Goals:

Instagram: 14k        Facebook: 450        Twitter: 2k        Pinterest: 10k

Here’s hoping February is a productive month! Business is starting to pick up on the wedding coordinating front so I might not have as much time to devote to my blog/social media/novel goals, but I am going to do my best to kick some ass and take some names! Happy February y’all!

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Step Up Your 2017 Style with JORD Wood Watches

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated in the form of a discount, free product, or monetary payment in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Well, my friends, we are now halfway done with the first month of 2017. I don’t know about you, but this is about the time I typically lose steam with my resolutions, which is why I didn’t make any this year! Instead of resolutions, I made myself some promises that are not so all-consuming that I am setting myself up for failure. One thing I would like to do is take a little bit better care of myself. Now that I am mostly working from my home, my daily look has gone from cute to pajamas with no stops in between. And while I can totally get on board with the PJ’s look when I am in the comfort of my own home, out and about, it ain’t so cute. So I am trying to step up my fashion game a bit this year, and I have found that it is super easy to make a big difference with a couple of small changes. Mostly these changes come in the form of accessories, and one of my favorite new accessories is my JORD Wood Watch. These watches are absolutely stunning, and they are so unique! When mine arrived, I was sold just on the box alone.

I love the simplicity of this particular style of watch (the Frankie 35 in Zebrawood and Navy). It’s perfect for giving my everyday looks some style, but it can also be dressed up for wedding consultations and networking events (and when it comes to investing in accessories, I am all about versatility).

Now, let’s talk about how I am stepping up my work-at-home-mom style game. This is what I usually wear when I am running around town hanging out with Squirt. (Full disclosure here: my makeup never looks like this on a normal day…I do have a small amount of vanity folks.) You can see how basic (and boring) my look is: jeans, white T-shirt, and flip flops (and no pedicure, because it’s winter y’all).

But by making just a few small changes, I can totally take this look from bleh to stylish mom. I swapped out my regular jeans for skinny gray jeans (which I am obsessed with) and my flip flops for nude ballet flats (cuter, but still comfortable enough for toddler chasing). I added a long necklace (also doubles as toddler hypnotizer when needed) and my JORD Wood Watch (also great for keeping track of time out length, should your little angel need one).

I may not be winning any style awards anytime soon, but hey, I think we can all agree that look number two is way more interesting than look number one.

If you are interested in checking out JORD Wood Watches for yourself (which should be a duh), then you will want to click on this link right here to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to use to purchase your very own JORD Wood Watch. In addition, just by entering the giveaway you get a code to receive $25 off your purchase, what what! But please make sure you jump on this deal fast because the contest ends on January 22, 2017 at 11:59 pm (you can redeem your $25 credit until April 30, 2017).

Seriously folks, so in love with my new watch and I am so happy that I have found a couple of easy style tricks to make me feel a little more human and not like a total slob when I am running around LA. Make sure you take advantage of the awesome JORD deals available!

Do you have any easy style tips for me? Let me know if the comments!

Luxury Wooden Watch

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2017 Goals Plus January To Do List

If you read any blogs, I’m sure you have seen your fair share of 2017 Goals posts over the past couple weeks.Well, I am no different, I just got off to a slow start already (go me!). But one of the things I love about my motto for 2017 (which you’ll see in a little bit) is that I don’t care if I’m late to the game! This year is about making a life that works for me and for my family. 2017 is the first full year I will be totally self-employed, which means the hustle is gonna be strong with this one y’all. So let’s do this!

These are my goals for the entire year of 2017:

  1. Coordinate at least 35 weddings. I’m exhausted just thinking about it, but the truth is, wedding coordinating is my main source of income so it’s time to get to it. I currently have 15 weddings booked for this year, so I have some work to do to meet my goal. But I’m gonna work it!
  2. Finish writing my book. I recently started a new writing project that I am REALLY excited about. Despite the fact that I have a degree in Creative Writing, I haven’t done anything novel-writing wise probably since college. Now that all of my brain power isn’t being sucked out in the world of education, my creative juices are flowing again and I am pumped to get back in the game.
  3. Travel to three new places. We have a couple of trips tentatively scheduled for summer time, but nothing concrete yet. I’m dying to go back to New York, but I also want to branch out a bit and try some new locations.
  4. Blog on a schedule that works for me. Not going to lie, there were a couple months in 2016 when I was KILLING it on the blog. I was posting three times a week and doing A LOT of work promoting my posts. And while I saw some moderate results traffic wise, it did not even come close to the amount of hours I was putting in. So for 2017, I’m going to post when I feel like it. I love blogging, I have been doing it in one form or another for seven years. But it doesn’t always make me happy, and it certainly isn’t bringing in the big bucks. So for now, I will blog when I have something to say and won’t when I don’t (imagine that).
  5. Read 52 new books. I was reading like fiend over Matt’s Winter Break, but now that I am back to being home alone with Squirt during the week, I have slowed my pace way down. Gotta get back on that train!
  6. Make mini monthly goals/priority lists. Last year I made some pretty strict schedules for myself and they just didn’t work for me, so this year I am going to try to give myself a little more freedom and set some broader goals each month. These will kind of be combo to do lists (like you see below) and goals for the month. I will also have some social media target numbers for each month (that will not include blog pageviews) as I do want to continue to grow my presence there (for numerous reasons which I will expand on later).
  7. Get a literary agent. Part of writing a book is the whole aspect of getting people to read it. I am still looking into going the self-publishing route, but I do want to at least put some feelers out in the world of literary agents and see what happens before I commit to self-publishing.
  8. Be present in my time with Squirt. This is hard for me because I am essentially a work at home mom. I am home with my kid, but I also have shit I need to get done throughout the day. But I need to be better about dedicating hours throughout our day together that are just for him (namely, I need chunks of time when I don’t check my email and social media accounts). I tend to justify looking at my phone every fifteen minutes because you know, it’s my job,  but in reality, I don’t NEED to do that, I WANT to. And I need to stop.
  9. Make healthier decisions. Look, I’m not going to sit here and lie and be all like “I love my body no matter what”. I don’t. But I also have no real plans to completely change my lifestyle and/or eating habits. That just ain’t gonna happen. However, there are plenty of times I can make a small swap during the day and do something better for myself and my health and that needs to happen.
  10. Be a rebel all year long. This goal is actually going to get it’s own post pretty soon so I won’t say too much about this, but  “Be a Rebel” is my motto for 2017. And yes, it has some ties to Star Wars, which you can read about whenever I decide to publish my “Be a Rebel” post.

So those are my overarching goals for 2017. This month you get a two-fer, yearly goals and my monthly priorities. I’m not going to share all of my monthly minis since some of them will be personal or specific to weddings and jobs I have going on that month. But I will share the ones that seem relevant, and I will share my social media numbers with you.

January’s Mini Goals and Priorities:

–Put together my media kit

–Start planning my sister’s bachelorette party

–Start getting my tax info organized

–Read four books

–Organize stuff for @mynerdycloset (my Instagram pop-up shop) and post more items for sale, and on a more regular basis

January’s Social Media Goals:

Instagram: 11.5k       Facebook: 300       Twitter: 1700        Pinterest: 7000

Alright 2017, I hope you’re ready for me because I am going to make this year my bitch. Let’s do this!

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10 Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now

This post contains affiliate links.

It is the season of giving, so today I have for you ten things that I am currently obsessed with. In case you want to buy me stuff, or need gift suggestions, or want to do some holiday shopping for yourself! These are some of my tried and true favorite things!

1. Defy Nail Polish. I discovered this brand at Target when I couldn’t stomach forking over $10 for Essie (my former go to brand). I am now obsessed with Defy. It goes on so easily and lasts a long time. I am tough on my nails, but my manicures have been holding on for at least a week, even with chasing a toddler and setting up a wedding. New favorite brand!

2.The Lunar Chronicles Series. I don’t know how it took me so long to read these books, but I freaking love them. They are sci-fi adaptations of fairy tales, and they are so well written. I have read all of them but the final book, which I am anxiously awaiting as we speak!

3. Romeo and Juliet. Okay, so this one isn’t totally new, but I’m experiencing a resurgence of my love for R and J. I love Shakespeare and R and J was the first Shakespeare play I ever read. I have been rereading the play and watching as many versions as I can. I was not super impressed with the latest Broadway production, Orlando Bloom was one of the few bright spots (and not just because he’s super delicious) but I’m going to cleanse my palette with the Leo version soon.

4. Plaid. I am all about the plaid these days. I made these awesome plaid flannel Minnie ears, and I have been busting out my plaid shirts and plaid scarves left and right. Long live plaid!

5. Vanderpump Rules. This again, is nothing new. I have loved VPR from the beginning (as a former waitress, I can attest to it being one of the realest reality shows there is). Now that I am an avid listener of Stassi’s podcast I feel like I have a whole new insight into the cast and their relationships and I love it!

6. Owl Crate. If you are a frequenter of my blog then you have probably happened upon one or more of my Owl Crate reveals. Owl Crate is a subscription box for young adult lit fans like myself and it just keeps on getting better and better. The theme for the December box is Epic and I am so excited to see what it includes!

owl crate

7. Chapstick, the original. Now that it is winter, my lips have been dry AF and I freaking hate that feeling. I used to use a lot of the trendier “all natural” lip balms, but they seemed to make my lips drier, not more moisturized. So I went back to the original brand and I have been loving how my lips feel!

8. The Crown. I have always been a fan of British history, so I was super psyched to see the trailers for The Crown on Netflix. Well, I of course flew through the first season in a matter of days and now I am waiting on pins and needles for season two–which doesn’t come out for a whole year!

9. Michael Kors Crossbody. This is the perfect bag for a day at Disneyland with Squirt. I can put all my big items (emergency kit, glasses case, etc.) in the diaper bag, but I don’t like leaving my wallet in the stroller when we go on rides. This bag is perfect because it holds my wallet and my phone and it stays out of the way and keeps my hands free to deal with the little dude.

10. Home Goods. From what I can tell, Home Goods stores are not in all areas of the country, and I feel so bad for those of you who may not have access. Home Goods is a discount store selling–wait for it–goods for the home. They have the best selection of cute mugs, plus so many other awesome and unexpected goodies like stationery and kids’ books. It’s basically my favorite store.

Well, that about covers my current obsessions. What are you currently obsessed with? Let me know so I can find some new obsessions for next time!

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What I’ve Learned After Five Years of Marriage

A couple of months ago, Matt and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe we have been married for five years already, time has flown by! We have been very lucky to experience a lot of wonderful things over the last five years, but as with every marriage, we have had some hurdles to overcome. I have definitely learned a lot during the course of our marriage, and some of the things I have learned are not necessarily in line with “normal” marriage advice. And because I like to go against the grain, I’m going to share what I have learned about marriage in the last five years.

The first year of marriage ain’t that hard. Why do people always talk about how hard the first year of marriage is? For us, it wasn’t in the slightest. Now we (like most couples these days) had been living together for two years by the time we got married, and that definitely played a role in the ease of the transition (though I didn’t really find the first year of living together to be that challenging either); our first year was a lot of newly wedded bliss. I happened to see one of my former couples at another couple’s wedding last week and I asked him how married life was. His response: “Nothing has really changed, so it’s great!” Obviously something has changed–they’re married–but for couples who are already living together and have a committed relationship, nothing about getting married affects day to day life. Now there could be some life circumstances in the first year of marriage that make it more challenging–having a kid, losing a job, moving, etc.–but really the first year on its own is awesome.

Sometimes it’s okay to go to bed angry. The number one piece of advice people give newlyweds is “don’t go to bed angry”, and it’s not always great advice. I am an emotional person, and there are times I get irrationally irritated about something so ridiculously small that even I can’t believe it. If I find myself super annoyed with Matt, I try to sleep on the problem and see how I feel about it in the morning. Nine times out of ten, I can’t even remember what had me upset in the first place. And the one time out of ten I actually have a real issue, I have a clearer head after a good night’s sleep and can articulate my feelings much better.

Do what works for you, not what works for others. Matt and I have been living together for over seven years, have owned two houses together, and have a child, and yet, we still have completely separate bank accounts. We have a system that works for us, and even though it is not conventional, it (I think) has helped our marriage. Even though we still consult each other before big purchases, we each have the freedom to spend our own money as we see fit. We each contribute to the family finances in a way that we feel is fair. This is an issue that is specific to us, but this is a general piece of advice. Don’t feel like you have to do everything the way you are “supposed” to. There is no set plan for how a marriage has to work, so do whatever is going to work for you and your partner.

Communication is key. All right, so this is a pretty common tip, and it’s one I fully believe in. You can’t expect to have a successful relationship if you don’t talk to each other. Not just about things that are upsetting you, or things that may be problems in the marriage, but about the good stuff too. It’s important to talk to each other about your daily lives. Even if it’s just the mundane, everyday details, sitting down and having a conversation is a way to connect with your partner and share with each other.

Make time for each other. It’s sooooo essential to take time out of the sometimes overwhelming tasks of life to spend quality time with each other. Go on a date, stay home and watch a movie, do whatever you both like to do. Carving out that alone time keeps your connection fresh, and it also helps keep the lines of communication open (which we already know is important!)

Having kids will change things. I guess this one is kind of a duh, but it’s also two sided. Matt and I have never been the type to bicker, but it in the first three months of Squirt’s life, we snapped and snipped at each other constantly. We were sleep deprived, exhausted beyond belief, and overwhelmed by all that comes along with having a baby. And we often took that out on each other. Once Squirt started sleeping better, the snipping and snapping went back to normal (as in, extremely rare), but there is still from time to time some resentment when it comes to childcare responsibilities. Now I have to be clear about this: Matt is an extremely involved father. He is an awesome dad and he takes on a lot of tasks that I know other dads do not, and I am so grateful for that. But since I am home with Squirt every day, sometimes I feel like I am doing more than my share (I’m not, it just sometimes feels that way), so some resentment can build. I will say, there has been less and less of the resentment as Squirt has gotten older.

On the flip side, there have been few things in my life that bring me as much joy as watching Matt and Squirt together. Seeing them play and roughhouse and read together, makes me happier than anything on the planet. I have loved Matt since very early on in our relationship (three weeks in, to be exact), but I have never loved him as much as I do in those moments. If we had decided not to have kids (which we thought about), I would have obviously still loved Matt, but there is something much deeper about our connection now that we share a child.

Supporting each other is key. Matt and I are both creative people, and we both ended up in the teaching field because we wanted the stability of a career and the freedom to still express ourselves. The education field has turned out to be much different than we thought, which is one of the main reasons I decided to leave teaching, stay home with Squirt and build my wedding planning business. I could have never made that leap without Matt’s support, both emotionally and financially. He now has different financial burdens he has to deal with, but he has supported me 100% the entire time. There is a decent chance that Matt will leave teaching eventually to pursue his creative aspirations, and then it will be my turn to show him that support.

Taking time for yourselves is just as important as spending time together. I firmly believe that having a life independent of Matt’s helps make our marriage stronger. We each have our own friends, and our own hobbies that we devote time to outside of our couplehood. This does so much for us on so many levels. It makes us appreciate the time we do spend together and it makes us fulfilled as individuals.

And perhaps my most controversial lesson: Marriage shouldn’t be hard work. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say “Marriage takes a lot of hard work”–and each time I have thought, “Really?” Our marriage takes effort. We have to find time to spend together and find ways to connect and communicate while we both work and raise a child. But I would never describe my marriage as hard work. To me, effort is something much different than work. I have been in relationships in the past that did feel like work. Meaning, I was constantly putting in effort and feeling like I was not getting anything back in return (to be fair, I’m 99% sure my former partners would say the same thing about me). I have never felt like that with Matt, when we were dating or since we have been married. Will there be times in our marriage that it does feel like work? Who knows. I’m sure there are things that could happen that would make it feel like work. But for me, after five years, I would say it’s not hard work for me to have a successful relationship with my husband.

Before I sign off, I asked Matt what he had learned about having a successful marriage to see if I could incorporate some of his ideas into this post. His tips for a solid marriage: “Don’t be a dick, do nice things for each other, be cool about stuff, and have lots of sex.” I needed 1500 words for my tips, and he needed 20. So there you have it.

What are your tips for a happy marriage, or what have you learned about relationships? Share your lessons!

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Fantasy Football Draft Tips

I know, I know, if you are a frequent reader of this blog (and if you aren’t, welcome!) you are probably looking at the title of this post like huh? Yes folks, I Falon, lover of all things girly, sparkly, pink, and Disney, kicked some serious ass at fantasy football last year. Last season was my first time partaking in fantasy football, and I did so mainly to annoy my husband. And it worked. Because I took first place in our league. How bout them apples? (That was the nice way of saying “Suck it bitches!”.)  Now, while I am a huge lover of college football, the NFL is not my thing. So other than having a decent knowledge of the rookies, I didn’t have a lot to go on when it came time to draft my team last year. I did a bit of research and learned the standard tips, which I will share with you, but I also picked up some tips of my own along the way. Hopefully these will help you draft a kickass team of your own!

  1. Don’t draft a quarterback first. If you are someone who doesn’t watch a lot of football, you probably know the quarterback to be the leader. This is true, but you don’t need to draft a QB in your first round (in fact you shouldn’t). Most people will draft a running back in their first round. I would recommend doing that, or taking a wide receiver if you can get a really, really good one. You should aim to take your first quarterback in round 7 or later.
  2. Mix and match your quarterbacks. You will want to draft two quarterbacks and I recommend picking one solid one and one who is a bit more of a risk. Last year I drafted Eli Manning (not the best in the league, but someone who has experience and is mostly consistent) and Marcus Mariota (a rookie). Mariota was a huge standout in college, but you never know how someone is going to transfer over to the NFL, especially in his first year. Mariota was a risk, and one that paid off. He had several high scoring games for me, and no one really expected him to do that well. (Note: pick your solid quarterback BEFORE you take your risky one.)
  3. Tight ends are underrated (hehehe). I mean, in more ways than one, am I right? But seriously, most people won’t pay a ton of attention to their tight end pick, and mine ended up being a huge point scorer for me last year. I will probably draft a TE in an earlier round than many others so I can get the one that I want.
  4. Pay attention to bye weeks. Each team in the NFL has a week where they don’t play, which means if you have starters from those teams, you will need to swap them out for your bench players. If you have multiple players who have a bye the same week, you are going to be low on options and that is no bueno.
  5.  Defense and kickers come last. Sorry boys, but these positions just aren’t that important in the grand scheme of fantasy football. Defense might seem like a big one since it’s, you know, half the game, but if your defense gets you more than ten points in a week, you’re looking good. Wait until the end to draft these spots.
  6. Don’t go in blind. Some people go a little crazy in terms of research and strategy for a fantasy football draft. You don’t have to spend hours reading up, but at least peruse some articles out there on the tops picks for this season. Whatever league you are in should have some info available on rankings, make sure you read through it once or twice before your draft.

There you have it! This year I will be participating in not one, but two fantasy football leagues and I am hoping to repeat my win! I will have at least one more blog post coming your way with tips for success throughout the season, so come back soon! Have you played fantasy football before? Who’s your top choice?

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My Birthday Wish List

This post contains affiliate links.

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday: my birthday. Okay, I’m not really that obnoxious. I know no one gives a shit about my birthday but me and maybe Matt (and that’s really only because he has to) but I love my birthday and if I want to celebrate it for a whole month, I will. I do what I want! I put together a little wish list so that anyone who wants to buy me a present (I’m looking at you, Husband) knows exactly what to buy me! And I totally will not be offended if you just buy this stuff for yourself, because it’s awesome and I don’t blame you. Should you want to send one of these to me, just email me for my address ;o)

I am obsessed with this collection of Harry Potter books. They are so beautiful and I love the colors. This set would make a really cool addition to my bookcase and I will get them at some point because they are so awesome.

I am, as you know, obsessed with pineapples right now. I know that the rest of the world is too, which is cool because it means they are everywhere. I am all about the pineapple accessories and I love this necklace!

Kate Spade is my spirit animal and I love everything in her collection. I am super into all of her office supplies because I love all office supplies, and pretty office supplies are the best. Also, I like need them for work and stuff.

Tickets to the 2017 D23 Expo. I had a blast at my first D23 Expo in 2015 and I definitely want to go back next year. I will obviously be attending no matter what because it’s going to be amazeballs.


A new tattoo. It has been a few years since my last ink (since before Squirt was born) and I am jonesing big time. I think I will be waiting until after our last scheduled trip of the summer since new tatts need to avoid sunlight and pool/ocean water, but I definitely want one. Soon. It will either be a Harry Potter or Disney one, haven’t decided yet.

hp tattoo

I could go on and on and on about things that I want/need in my life, but I don’t want to be too big of an asshole so we’ll leave it at five. What do you want right now? Any other July birthdays out there? Happy birthday month!

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