Disneyland 60th

Giveaway: Disneyland 60th Prize Pack!

Hello my fellow mouseketeers!  I am so excited to share this giveaway with you because it was created especially for you!  Way back in January I set some social media goals for myself and I am thrilled that I have already met them, and with four months left in the year!  I so appreciate all the love and support I receive from you guys on a regular basis, and so I thought I would show that appreciation with a little something something for one lucky reader.

Here is what you can win!  One lucky reader will take home this prize bundle that includes a Disneyland 60th travel coffee mug, a Disneyland 60th pin, a Disneyland 60th shot glass, and a Disneyland 60th pressed penny.  That’s a lot of Diamond Celebration magic for you!  You have until Sunday, September 6th to enter.  Thank you again for all the love and good luck!

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Disneyland Archive Exhibit at the D23 Expo

As you know, the final part of my day at the 2015 D23 Expo was spent exploring the Disneyland Archives exhibit.  I had some pretty high expectations and while there were some amazing pieces of Disneyland history on display, it wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped.  But there were definitely some super cool items I knew I wanted to share with you all in case you couldn’t experience them yourselves so read on!

This was one of my favorite things in the exhibit, the first ever Disneyland ticket sold.  It was purchased by Roy Disney (smart of him to keep it in the family!)…

They also had the first ever employee badge, which was fittingly issued to Walt…

There was lots of ride paraphernalia on display, which was interesting to see.  The pirates are kind of creepy looking outside of the Caribbean!

This is the Club 33 section, with some decor and an original table and chairs set up…

I love that this old popcorn cart looks almost exactly like the ones they use today (minus the 15 cent price tag, of course)…

More original ride stuff…

There were also quite a few ride cars, like this one from Autopia…

And this one from Peter Pan…

Everybody’s favorite rookie pilot from the original Star Tours was there…

I was very excited to see this float from the Electrical Parade.  Still miss this parade!

And probably the most exciting part for me personally was the costume pieces from Fantasmic!  You know I love me some Fantasmic! so it was super cool to see these up close.

This quote from Walt was at the end of the exhibit and I love it.  I think it is important for us Disneyland diehards to remember that Walt wanted the park to grow and change with the times.  And while it is sometimes hard to say good-bye to rides and attractions we know and love (I’m still not over the loss of the Country Bear Jamboree or Tahitian Terrace), it was ultimately Walt’s vision that the park be able to evolve.

Overall, some cool things to look at and see, but given the other exhibits I had already experienced, maybe not worth the hour plus I had to wait in line to get in.  But I’m happy to have been able to share it all with you and hopefully you were able to enjoy my recap!

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Why You Should Watch World of Color from Cove Bar

One of the items on my Disneyland summer bucket list was to watch World of Color from the Cove Bar, located at the top of Paradise Pier.  I had been to the bar before and it’s got a great view no matter what time of day, and I figured it would be an interesting view for the show.  I was totally right (don’t you love it when that happens).  So this is why (and how) you should watch World of Color from the bar.

First, it is important to know that the bar stops seating at 8:15 pm–if you are not seated IN THE BAR by then, you will not be let in.  We got in line at about 7:20 and were in in plenty of time.  I would recommend being in line by 7:30 just to be safe.  Even if you do have to hang out for a while before the show starts, you get to enjoy these awesome views…

Obviously one of the main benefits of watching from the bar is that you get to enjoy a drink while you watch (and maybe one or two while you wait).  This is the special Diamond Celebration Glowtini.

The bar also offers a couple of tasty appetizers (I will be going back to try those lobster nachos)…

They also have a full bar and a good beer selection…

One of the fun parts of sitting on the bar patio is watching California Screamin’…

Here’s what the bar itself looks like…

We ordered the spinach artichoke dip and it was delicious.  It tasted like it was made with cream cheese in it and it was super creamy and yummy.

Once the show begins, if you are not seated near the water side of the patio (which we weren’t), you are able to get up and move around.  The table closest to the show was wide open so we were able to grab seats and enjoy the show.  I was a little worried that the sightlines wouldn’t be great, but you could see pretty much everything really well.

I would say watching World of Color from Cove Bar exceeded my expectations.  While there was a wait, it was certainly not any worse than any other line for a ride or wait for a show.  By the time we were seated, it was about an hour before showtime, which was the perfect amount to enjoy a drink and an appetizer.  Getting a great spot for the best view was certainly easier than I thought it would be (the bar in general was much less crowded than I expected).  Overall, I loved it, and I will definitely do it again!

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Disneyland Diamond Celebration Photo Ops

One of my favorite parts (so far) of the Disneyland Diamond Celebration has been collecting pictures at these super fun photo ops throughout both parks.  My Disney bestie Brianna and I started our collection at the Diamond Celebration Kickoff and recently snapped our last pic (though I have heard they will be debuting at least two new ones on the actual 60th birthday, July 17th–I’ll keep you posted).  Here’s a look at the current photo ops and info on where you can find them.

This one is the first one we did and it is one of my faves.  Located right across from the Matterhorn entrance (the actual ride entrance, not where you would get in the beginning of the line), you get to make all kinds of crazy climbing faces, and may even be encouraged to fake a fall or two.

The California Screamin photo op is right near the ride at California Adventure.  This is another fun one to make some silly faces on (or maybe pretend hurl if you’re into that).

Big Thunder is one of my favorite rides, so I was excited for this photo op.  This one is along the Big Thunder Trail, right across from the entrance to Big Thunder Ranch BBQ.

And this awesome Grizzly Peak photo op is located in the San Francisco section of DCA (in between Little Mermaid and Grizzly River Run).  This one is another opportunity for some awesome faces.

We have had a lot of fun collecting these photos and coming up with some cool faces and poses.  Each photo op has a Cast Member stationed there and they are happy to take pics with your camera or phone, in addition to adding theirs onto your Photo Pass card.  With the exception of our Matterhorn pic, which we took on opening day, we have never had more than two people in front of us in line so it has been a pretty fast and easy process to collect all the shots we wanted.  Overall, a great way to collect some memories at the parks!

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Disneyland Forever Viewing: “it’s a small world”

I have small Disneyland confession to make: I never watch the fireworks from any location other than Main Street.  I think I’ve just always had it ingrained in my head that that was the only place to have a decent view (and in the past, that may have been true).  That’s obviously why I chose to watch Disneyland Forever from Main Street the first time I saw the show.  And honestly, were it not for wanting to blog about the various locations, I might never have checked out the other show hot spots.  And I would have been missing out!  For my second location, I stationed myself in front of “it’s a small world”.  This location has so many benefits, the first one being that you can get the double whammy of Paint the Night and Disneyland Forever all in one spot.

I arrived to the park at about 8:00 one night and headed straight for Small World.  It was slow going getting over there, but once there, I found tons of great parade viewing spots.  If you are looking at the Small World clock, to the right there is a raised area that is used for seating during the day.  I walked right up to an amazing spot for the parade; it wasn’t crowded and the raised aspect made it even easier to see.  When the parade was over, the crowd moved over to the middle of the walkway for the fireworks and I managed to (easily) snag a spot right in front of Small World.

The projections you see on Small World are similar to the ones you see on the buildings of Main Street, but they are much easier to see and they have the ability to be stretched into one long image, rather than being broken up into smaller ones like those on Main Street.  The effect is much more impressive.

The Tangled section of the show has been one of my favorites since I saw the sneak peek way back when, but it didn’t fully capture the effect of the lanterns on the buildings of Main Street.  Seeing them projected on Small World was much more magical.

By far one of the most impressive parts of the show is the Winnie the Pooh Heffalumps and Woozles section, which looks spectacular spread across the Small World facade.

And the fireworks themselves?  You have a perfect, unobstructed view of the entire show.

So far I have watched Disneyland Forever from Main Street and in front of “it’s a small world” and the latter kicks the former’s booty.  I never expected to enjoy the show so much more from a non Main Street location, but I honestly don’t feel like I will watch the show from Main Street again.  I am looking forward to watching from in front of the castle and at Rivers of America, but I can’t see how either spot could compete with Small World.  But we shall see!  Do you have a favorite fireworks viewing location?  Let me know!

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Spotlight on Disneyland’s Paint the Night Parade!

If you follow any Disneyland peeps on Instagram (and you should definitely follow me!) then I’m sure you have seen tons of photos from the new parade, Paint the Night.  I’m not going to lie to you, the pictures do not do it justice.  I was blown away the first time I saw it and it continues to impress me each time I watch.  I love that there are elements of the Main Street Electrical Parade, which was always my favorite when I was a kid, but it takes the concept to a whole other level.  Hopefully you are going to be able to make a trip to Disneyland to see the parade in person, but if not, here are some of my favorite moments!

These fairies kick off the parade and one of the coolest things is that they can interact with guests wearing special ears by changing the colors.

Tinkerbell is one the first float, and we all know how I feel about her, but the way she floats around is pretty cool.

Peter comes next, riding on the title float.

Lumiere, Genie, and Tigger are next in line.

The Monsters Inc. float was one of my favorites.

The audience favorite seems to be the Cars section.

I think my absolute number one moment during the parade is the Little Mermaid float.

Then comes the Toy Story gang.

And of course, you have to have some princesses.

Obviously we can’t have a Disney show without Frozen.

And closing out the show is the main man himself, Sorcerer Mickey.

Again, nothing can compare to seeing the parade in person, it is truly spectacular.  But hopefully this was a nice little taste for those of you who haven’t seen it yet or might not be able to make it out to the parks (though I imagine it will be running for a long time).  Have you been able to see Paint the Night in person?  What was your favorite part?

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Disneyland Forever Fireworks Viewing: Main Street

Hello lovely readers!It has been about a month since the premiere of Disneyland’s new fireworks spectacular, Disneyland Forever and I am still obsessed with it.  One of the cool things about the show is that there are multiple areas around the park where you can watch the fireworks and experience the different projections.  Each area has its own little twist and unique moments and I have made it my summer mission to watch from all the different angles and report back to you.

Today, we are taking a look at the most popular viewing area, Main Street.  One of the best parts about Main Street is you can watch the Paint the Night parade right before, and then just move into the middle of Main Street for the fireworks right after.  It is super convenient if you are planning on watching the parade too (and you should).  The projections on Main Street are also totally immersive, since you are surrounded by the buildings…

There are also sections of the show, like the Little Mermaid section, where you have effects on the roofs of the buildings…

And in general, you get a cool look at all the different projections throughout the show…

As for the fireworks themselves, you have a pretty unobstructed view from the middle of the street.  They are high enough to not be hidden behind any trees and there are no buildings or rides blocking your view.

It’s pretty obvious why Main Street is the first choice for most people when it comes to fireworks viewing.  You can see the fireworks themselves, there are tons of projections, and it is convenient after watching the parade.  The main downside of Main Street (in my opinion) is that while you can sort of see the castle, you can’t see any of the projections on it. You get little glimpses and teases, but nothing is fully visible.  Also, getting out of Main Street after is tricky as it is super crowded and you are dealing with people trying to exit the park while others head back in to ride rides.  I would recommend Main Street viewing for first timers, but make sure you check back regularly over the summer for full reports on all viewing locations!  What’s your favorite spot to watch the fireworks from?

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