Bucket List Check In: Read Four New Books

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared my summer bucket list, and while I have been able to check off a few items, I really need to get a move on. I’m slacking, and summer is quickly fading away so I better get on it. Surprisingly, the one thing I was most concerned about is the one item I checked off my list first. I made it my mission to read four new books this summer, thinking I would probably only get through two or three, and I actually have already read all four. And I still have like a month left! Go me!

The first book I finished was Heir of Fire, which is the third book in the Throne of Glass series. I really enjoyed the first two books in the series, but this one took me a little longer to get into. About halfway through I really started to enjoy it, but this one was a lot different than the first two so it took me a little while to adjust. By the time I finished it though, I was ready for book four. Unfortunately book four is still only available in hardback so I am trying to hold out as long as possible before I buy it.

The second book I finished was part of the July Owl Crate box, My Lady Jane. I hadn’t heard of it before receiving my box, but I was super excited when I read the summary because I love British history and Jane Grey is a character (well, real person) I am familiar with because I have read other books where she was featured. I liked the young adult take on her story, and I loved that the second half of the book totally strayed from real historical fact. I thought the ending and the authors’ whole take on the story was extremely creative and it was super fun to read.

Both Heir of Fire and My Lady Jane are on the long side, so I figured I could cheat a little on my third book and read something short and easy. Since Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is on my 2016 reading list, I chose it for my third book. This one was a super easy and fast read, and it was just a fun book. I wish there were more notes from Harry as those were my favorite parts, but I liked it nonetheless and I am now really looking forward to the movie. If you want to win a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, head over to my Instagram!

My final book of the foursome was Summer Secrets by one of my all-time favorite authors Jane Green. I have read almost all of her books and I used to reread many of hers on a regular basis. I haven’t kept up with her newer releases much, but I happened upon this one and it was already in paperback so I figured I would give it a shot. I really like her style of writing, and though this book deals with a heavy topic (alcoholism), it was still an easy read. This is a great summer beach book.

Not going to lie, it feels really good to have checked this item off my list. I have lived most of my life as a voracious reader, but my reading definitely fell by the wayside during Squirt’s first year or so (mainly because sleep became more important than books). It feels awesome to be reading some incredible books again and I’m already out looking for my next book to conquer! Have you read any good books lately? I’m always looking for recommendations!

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Owl Crate Subscription Box: Good vs. Evil

Hey book worms! Last week I received my July edition of my Owl Crate subscription box and let me tell you, I was super excited for this one. With the June box, we got a sneak peek at the theme for this month’s box, Good vs. Evil, and I spent the month debating whether I wanted the “good” box or the “evil” box. I think if I had had a choice, I would have picked evil, which is what I ended up getting, though after seeing the contents of the box, I probably would have preferred the good. But nonetheless, this month’s box was amazing, and possibly my favorite one yet.

Here is an overview of this month’s contents…

My favorite item in the box is this wood carved Death Star necklace from Vector Engraving. I love it so much I immediately went to their Etsy shop and purchased their BB-8 earrings. The good box received the Millennium Falcon version of the necklace, which is slightly more awesome than the Death Star; however, I was thrilled to see a Star Wars themed item in the box.

Also included in the box was a Harry Potter POP figure from Funko. I am not a huge collector of these figurines (mainly because I know once I start I won’t stop), but I am all for anything Harry Potter. The evil boxes had either Draco or a dementor and the good boxes had either Luna or Dobby. I would have preferred one of the good guys, but I’m definitely glad I got Draco instead of the dementor.

Another fun item that was included in both boxes was this young adult book cover coloring book. The Queen of Hearts adorns the magnetic bookmark from Jane’s Tiny Things in the evil box, while the good box features Alice (this is one of those situations where I would much rather have the villain than the good guy).

Our book for this month is This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. It’s another one I hadn’t heard of until I opened my box, and it seems a little dark for my tastes, but all of my Owl Crate book choices have been really good so I’m sure I will enjoy it. I say this every month, but I am really (truly) happy with my Owl Crate subscription! I have looked around at some of the other young adult subscription boxes out there and Owl Crate consistently provides more items per month, and everything in the box is so thoughtfully done. I really encourage you to check it out!

If you are interested in looking into an Owl Crate subscription, please use this (affiliate) link! Happy reading!

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Owl Crate Subscription Box: July

This month I received my third subscription box from Owl Crate, which focuses on young adult literature, and I think it was my favorite one yet. In last month’s box we got a teaser, letting us know that July’s theme was royalty and I knew that the box was going to be awesome based on the theme alone. I mean, there’s not much I love more than crowns and jewels and books. I was super stoked when I opened up my box, and I wanted to share some of the goodies from inside with you!

owl crate subscription box

First, the novel for this month is My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows. Not going to lie, I hadn’t heard of it before receiving my Owl Crate, but I love reading about British history so I think I am really going to like this one. I was also super stoked to open my Mystery Mini Funko and find Belle inside! I usually have the worst luck when it comes to mystery packages (the only Disney Legos I have gotten so far are Donald and Stitch, which were basically the only two I didn’t want) so I was really psyched to see Belle inside. She is one of my favorite Disney princesses.

owl crate subscription box

I really love this bracelet from Rich Love Shoppe, one because it is just really pretty, but also because I love this quote. I am a big fan of book inspired jewelry so this is something I will definitely wear.

owl crate subscription box

And how stinkin’ cute are these magnetic bookmarks from Craftedvan? I used to never use bookmarks because I was young and spry and could remember the page or chapter where I left off, but that is definitely not a thing anymore. So bookmarks are a must for me now and I love these little guys!

Seriously guys, if you are at all a fan of young adult lit, you really need to look into the Owl Crate subscription boxes. I have not been disappointed yet and I am always eagerly anticipating the next box. If you are interested in subscribing, please use this link and help me earn credits toward my Owl Crate account! It would be super cool of you! Click here to subscribe! Next month’s theme is Good vs. Evil and I imagine it’s going to be pretty epic!

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Book Review: The Crown and Flawed

Okay lovies, I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I have been reading like crazy lately (real books, not just free e-book romances!), and it is awesome. I feel like I haven’t been an actual reader since before Squirt was born, since brain power and sleep time haven’t exactly been in abundance for the past two years, but I am finally getting back on the horse and I have read so many good books lately (and some not so good, but still fun ones). I thought I would share two of my more interesting reads with you today and see if you have read them and what you thought of them.

Flawed and The Crown


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Owl Crate Young Adult Lit Book Subscription Box: April

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just love this product and want to share it with you. However there are affiliate links in this post.

I am a serious fan of young adult lit. Obviously you all now know of my intense Harry Potter devotion, but truly I love all (most) YA literature, and given the choice, I would much rather read YA lit than most “grown-up” books. So when I heard about Owl Crate‘s Young Adult Lit subscription box, I was like hells to the yes, sign me up. Actually I just clicked on their link and put in my credit card info. I received my first subscription box last week and I am so freakin’ excited I signed up for this and I CANNOT wait for next month’s box. Here’s what I received in my April box:

owl crate april

April’s box theme is Dystopia, which is a pretty popular genre in YA lit, and one of my faves. Each box comes with a young adult novel, April’s is Flawed by Cecilia Ahren. Flawed has been on my unofficial reading list for a while so I was stoked to see it in the box. It also came with a note from the author, which is super cool. It wouldn’t be Dystopia box without Hunger Games; two items were in the box, a magnet and a bracelet. The Maze Runner is another fave of mine, so the Property of WCKD decal was a cool addition. I’m not a huge 1984 fan, but I love the look of the mini notebook, and I am a notebook hoarder so that will definitely get put to use. Probably my favorite item in the box is the pretty floral “I spent my life folded between the pages of books” coffee coaster. Love.

Owl Crate subscriptions are $29.99 a month, plus shipping, though you can save money if you pay for multiple months in advance. I love that you can cancel at any time so there is no obligation to continue if you don’t like the contents of your subscription boxes (but you totally will). And if you refer friends, you can earn free boxes, which is super awesome!

Speaking of, if you are interested in subscribing to Owl Crate, please use this link right here so I can get myself some free boxes! It would be super cool of you, and I would totally appreciate it, plus you are going to get some super cool stuff! Do you belong to any subscription programs? Let me know so I can check them out!

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Reading List Check In: The Heir, Night Circus, and #GIRLBOSS

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Hello bookworms! Back in January I shared my 2016 Reading List with you, and I have actually made a (small) bit of progress! I thought I would take some time today to highlight some of the books I have completed, and let you know where I will be heading next.

The first book I finished from the list was #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso…


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A First Look at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood

As mentioned in my DIY Harry Potter tote bag tutorial, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is set to open here in Hollywood later this week (April 7th to be exact). But tons of “soft openings” have been happening over the past couple of months, so last week, Squirt and I headed over to Universal Studios to check it out. A full post on Universal will be coming later, but in terms of the park in general, suffice to say that Disneyland has spoiled me. Universal is definitely not as toddler friendly (and it’s not really a park for small kids so I guess that isn’t their goal). I did end up buying a pass since it was only $40 more than the one day ticket (for So Cal residents) and I’m interested to see just how often I actually use it. The nice thing is that Universal is super close to my mom’s office, so I parked there (free parking woot woot!) and she drove Squirt and me up to the park. Not paying for parking = awesome.



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