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My Favorite Back to School Items–Disney Style

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It’s hard to believe it is that time of year again, but school is starting soon!  As a teacher, I am both excited for and dreading this time of year.  No more sleeping in, but a chance to meet new students and get back to work.  One thing that makes going back a little easier for me is the chance to grab the latest adorable school supplies.  These are my favorite Disney themed supplies for the kids (or if you are like me, for the teachers!).  Click on the image to be taken to the product listing!


Pens and Pencils:

Pencil Cases:


With all these super cute goodies, going back to school will be a breeze!  Happy new school year!

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Adorable Disneyland Proposal

I have mentioned before how I would have loved to have had a Disney wedding if it weren’t for the whole money and taking the husband into consideration deal.  I have managed to convince said husband that at some point in the future, a Disneyland vow renewal might be an option.  So the other day I was trolling their site browsing all the info possible about said vow renewals.  And then I searched You Tube for Disney vow renewals.  And then on the side a bunch of Disney proposal videos popped up.  And then I couldn’t help but click.  And then I cried.  This one was by far my favorite.  Make sure you have some tissues handy and enjoy!

The rest of the week will be way less emotional, promise!!!

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Disneyland Apps: Walkee vs. Mouse Wait

Hello Mouseketeers and happy Friday!  Today we are comparing two apps that can be used to help determine wait times when visiting the Disneyland Resort.  One is free and one is $3.99 (there is a free version too, but it is very basic).

Starting with the Walkee app…This is the $3.99 one and I am not one to pay for apps, but so far I’m liking this one.  This is the home screen when you open the app…

There are lots of options you can use with the maps, you can have just the rides highlighted or just food, or things you have already done.  It’s cool to have the different categories and be able to pick and choose.  This is what the maps look like when you click on them…

Walkee also has information about the dining options available in the park, showing you where they are located and the price range…

You can also click on the restaurant for more info, including the menu…

Walkee also has the park schedule so you can check out show times and hours…

And of course, ride wait times…

One super cool feature of the Walkee app is the Fastpass reminder alarm.  Put in the time of your Fastpass and the app will alert you when it is time to go to the ride  This screen also lets you record your wait time in line and submit it…

Mouse Wait has a lot of the same features, however, I don’t find the app visually as appealing as the Walkee.  This is their wait time screen…

The one thing Mouse Wait has that Walkee doesn’t is Annual Pass blackout days, which is an awesome and important feature for all AP’s.

They do have the restaurant information, again, not as pretty as Walkee…

The home screen of Mouse Wait tells you the crowd index, which is how full the parks are on a scale of 100.  I like to check this screen before I decide which park I want to go to first…

Overall, if Walkee had AP info, I would definitely use it over Mouse Wait, but since it doesn’t, I have both.  Mouse Wait will work just fine if you don’t care much about the graphics and visuals, but you do get a little something extra with Walkee.  Bottom line: If you don’t mind shelling out the cash, Walkee is a great way to go!

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Frozen Wedding Inspiration

My love for all things Disney had to be reigned in on my wedding day.  If I had unlimited funds (and a husband with an equal love for the magic), I would have gotten married in the park and had a true Disney inspired wedding.  Alas, that was not to be the case for me, so now I live vicariously through those who get to incorporate Disney into their celebrations.  Since I just saw Frozen for the first time since seeing it in the theater, I thought I would put together some Frozen wedding inspiration for you!  (Click pic for original source, all pics via Pinterest.)

Bridesmaids in cool blue dresses with some sparkle accents…



Can’t go wrong with a drink to match your color scheme…


These earrings would be the perfect accent for a Frozen bride…


I love how these centerpieces use actual ice to add to the drama…


These invites set the tone without being too in your face…


A Frozen wedding is the perfect excuse to add in lots of glitter (not that you need one)…




A cool blue and white cake…

And this dress is to die for…


And here is your Frozen wedding inspiration board…

Hope this helped cool off your summer day!

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DIY: Vintage Disney Phone Case

Hello Disney fans!  Today we have a super cool and fairly easy Disney DIY project.  I’m apologizing in advance for the poor quality of these photos; since I was working on my new phone, had to take the pics with the old iPhone and it is just not the same!

Here is what we are making today:

First, print out a picture of your chosen vintage Disney image.  Then I measured my phone, making the image about a half an inch longer on each side.  I printed my image on actual photo paper, which makes the quality better.  Then I traced my phone on a piece of card stock.

And used the template to cut out the phone shape from my picture.  As you can see, the edges are a little rough, but you can’t tell once you get everything put together (but I really need to learn how to cut along the lines a little better).

I put the image into my clear phone case…

…and then used an Xacto knife to cut out the camera hole.

And there you have it!  A totally custom and adorable vintage Disney cell phone case!  Totally love it, and I’m even thinking about making some holiday/season specific ones!

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DIY: My First Visit Onesie

Hey Disney fans!  I have another easy DIY project for you today for those of you with little ones.  We recently took our baby boy to Disneyland for the first time and I wanted to make something cute for him to wear during his visit.  The first thing I did was get a plain white onesie and measure the area where I wanted the design to be.  Then I came up with this outline on the computer (feel free to use it if you want, just please give credit!):

I printed out the outline and slipped it in the onesie.  Make sure you print on cardstock so the paint doesn’t bleed all the way through to the back of the onesie.

First I traced the lettering using fabric markers.  I was unsure how the letters were going to come out so I did them first in case it didn’t work, but it was actually really easy to use the markers and the letters came out well.  The yellow is a little hard to see, but I had to go with the classic Mickey color combo!

Then I used a brush and some black fabric paint to fill in the Mickey.

And here is the little nugget in his onesie and his first ears!

Given the extreme heat on the day we visited the park, we didn’t stay too long, but we did snap a couple of pictures to commemorate the big day!  And now I can save the onesie in case we have another little one who has another first visit!

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Inside the Park: California Adventure’s Alfresco Tasting Terrace

It’s no secret that one of my favorite things about California Adventure is the availability of booze.  I love me a good glass of wine or a cold beer and the fact that you can walk around the park with your drink makes it even better.  So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about the new wine tasting terrace.  I knew it was the perfect place to kick off my birthday festivities and I was not disappointed.  Here is my tour of the Alfresco Tasting Terrace!

The terrace is located next to Wine Country Trattoria…

I like to enter through the Golden Vine Winery walkway, you get a pretty walk through the grapevines…

Once through the walkway, these lanterns mark the stairs that you go up to get to the terrace…

In addition to the tasty wines, there is a selection of tasty foods.  I wanted to try one of everything, but since this was our first stop, I showed some restraint.

These were the flights available when we were there.  I went with the Charismatic Chardonnay flight as it is my favorite kind of wine.

This is the view of the terrace during the daytime.  I will definitely come back and check it out at night, I’m sure the lights are gorgeous!

I was pleasantly surprised at the generous pours when my flight arrived.  After I got my wines, the sommelier came over and told me about each one and how the wineries were connected to Disney.  All of them were delicious, but the Goldie from Kurt Russell’s winery was my favorite.

We decided to go with the Aged Cheddar Risotto Bites for our appetizer and they were pretty tasty.

I am looking forward to going back to the Alfresco Tasting Terrace and trying out all of their wine and food options!  If you are into wine and going to be at California Adventure, definitely check it out!

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