Life Right Now

Hi friends! It felt like a good time for a check in, and I love doing these posts because they remind me of all the great stuff I have going on in life!

Making buttons! I am obsessed, and even bought a button maker, though I haven’t had time to try it yet. Tutorial coming soon!
Drinking lots of rose. And I’m totally cool with my basic life.
Reading so. many. amazing. books. I have almost reached my reading goal for 2017!
Wanting to find a literary agent!
Playing Hamilton! I just saw it for the second time last week and I love it even more now!

Wishing for a weekend off!
Enjoying bingeing Reign.
Waiting for foooootbaaaaallll!
Liking being able to have real conversations with Squirt.
Wondering if I am going to be able to find a literary agent this year.
Loving the Red Queen book series.
Hoping my podcast Down to Fangirl continues to grow!
Needing some sleep. As always.
Wearing shorts and tees and flip flops. But ready to be done with summer clothes!


Following lots of pretty bookstagram accounts, find mine @coffeebookswinerepeat!
Noticing why the term “threenager” was coined.
Knowing that as busy as I am with weddings, it’s going to be a bummer when the season is over.
Thinking about how to revamp my query letter.
Anticipating FALL. Bring on the boots and sweaters and holidays!
Celebrating a successful summer.
Laughing at Squirt (as usual). His personality is really coming out these days and he is constantly amusing me.
Feeling happy, excited, hopeful, and accomplished.

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