Game of Thrones at Library Bar

This past weekend, Matt and I were invited by some friends to attend a viewing party at Library Bar in downtown Los Angeles. When you combine books, Game of Thrones, and booze, I am a happy camper, so we obviously jumped at the chance. I had never been to the bar before, mostly because it is downtown and getting there and parking is a pain in the ass. However, because it was Sunday, the drive was less awful than it normally is. As soon as we walked in, I fell in love. If I didn’t have a kid, and a job, I would spend every weekend hanging out at this bar. It’s the best, and I seriously wish it were closer to my house.

We arrived around 4:30 to get spots for the 6:00 Game of Thrones (they also show the episode at 9:00 and 10:30). While we were some of the first ones there, I’m glad we got there early because we got an awesome spot. For my first drink, I ordered the Tequila Mockingbird, for obvious reasons. It was super tasty, though the spicy “rim” that was actually all over the side of the glass was a little inconvenient. Next time I will ask for it as just a rim. But the drink itself was super yummy.

At around 5:00 they started serving their themed Game of Thrones drinks. Between everyone in our group, we tried them all, and they all got positive reviews.

This one is the Mother of Dragons. It tasted similar to a pina colada. It was good, but it wasn’t my favorite of all the ones I tried.

This one is the Blood and Fire. Epic failure on my part, I was not ready with my camera at the bar, because they actually light the sprig of rosemary on fire. I’m always down for a little spectacle with my cocktails, and as a bonus, it tasted great! I would definitely order this one again.

Matt and I split the fried chicken sandwich, which was very tasty. The fries were the best part though, they had a great seasoning. This is definitely the kind of bar that has good, but pricey snack type foods. We split the sandwich and then ate another snack when we got home.

They show Game of Thrones on one big main screen and one other smaller TV. We had a great spot since we got there so early, but it did seem like most people in the bar had a decent view of the show. They also showed the previous week’s episode, though they didn’t turn the sound on until the new episode started. I was a little worried about watching the show in a bar with a big group of people, but it was actually better than expected. A couple of people were talking, but for the most part, everyone paid attention and no one was too obnoxious. We did go home and watch the episode again, but I always do that so I can do my notes for the podcast.

I am so happy I discovered Library Bar. I will 100% visit there again, and I would definitely check out another Game of Thrones episode there in the future. How do you feel about viewing parties? Do they enhance your experience or take away from the show for you? Let me know!

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