Down to Fangirl Podcast Episode 4

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Hello DTF podcast listeners! We had an episode full of fangirly goodness for you this week, starting with some of our current happs. This week we have a couple of books recommendations, and a couple of new podcasts for you to check out!

I just finished Eliza and Her Monsters and absolutely loved it, while Brianna is finally being inducted into the ACOTAR fandom. Both books are excellent and we definitely recommend checking them out!


We also have two podcasts to recommend to you guys. I recently discovered the Broadwaysted podcast, which for its name alone, deserves a shining plaque in the podcast hall of fame, if that were actually a thing. Brianna talked about one of her favorite podcasts, Call Your Girlfriend, which is awesome, especially for our super cool, feminist chick audience members out there.

Our first order of business this week was to discuss our first book club selection, Alex and Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz. Please tune in to hear our (many) thoughts on the novel! We also announced our next book club novel, which is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. We will be publishing our next book club episode on August 2nd, so make sure you read the book before then!


And we continued on with our Game of Thrones season six recap series, talking episodes six through eight. If you are behind on GoT you need to catch up now as the season seven premiere is right around the corner!

Please make sure you tune in next week as we prepare for the Game of Thrones season seven premiere! And always, don’t forget to download and subscribe, and please leave us a review! See you next week!

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