Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout

Well Disney loving friends, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout (formerly Tower of Terror) has been open for almost a month now and I still have only been on it one time. Not exactly a toddler friendly ride, so my chances to experience it have been limited. However, that one time was pretty effing awesome. This post is going to take you through the highlights of the exterior and interior lines of the ride and I am going to talk about the ride itself, so if you haven’t been on it yet and you want to be surprised, come back and read this post later (but like stick around and read some other stuff while you’re here, won’t ya?).

Okay, so other than the (ugly) glaring new facade of the ride, the outside line area is pretty similar to what it was before. There is new music piping through the speakers, however it is not (sadly) the GoG soundtrack, it’s just the instrumentals. This was a conversation Brianna and I had several times while waiting in line and after the ride: why are we not getting to listen to one of the best movie soundtracks ever while we wait in line for an hour and a half? I’m guessing the answer to that question is simple: royalties. I imagine Disney wasn’t willing to fork over the cash for the rights to the songs, so instead we get boring background music.

As soon as you step up to the doors of the ride, the changes hit you in the face. The whole concept of the ride is that the tower is now home to Tivan’s collection (hence the large gold statue at the entrance, btw, how freakin’ cool for Benicio Del Toro). The interior part of the line is filled with all kinds of cool displays.

These cool (and hard to photograph) cube thingys hang from the ceiling and a huge screen occupies the majority of the back wall of the room. The screen shows a message from Tivan, interrupted by a message from Gamora and Quill, which basically sets up the premise of the ride (breaking out!).


My biggest complaint about all the new stuff in the interior is that you don’t spend much time in this section, so you don’t get to see everything and take it all in, and you don’t get to see the full video. I also hate spending an hour waiting in line outside only to be inside for three minutes. Kind of a bummer (though I think this is a fire/safety precaution). I wanted to have more time to look at everything in the space, which I guess will happen as I ride the ride more.

Just like before, riders are led into the “library”, which is now supposed to be Tivan’s office. Instead of our favorite Twilight Zone video, we now are privy to Rocket’s plan for breakout, and we get an animatronic Rocket too.

My favorite part of the interior line space was seeing Harold! Harold used to reside in the Matterhorn, but got demoted for a newer, younger model. So now old Harold lives in the tower, which I think is awesome. Not much has changed in this portion of the ride line, other than the addition of the yeti.

And then we get to the ride itself. Guys, I loved it. It tells a story, incorporates humor and good music, and still has all the thrills of the original. Plus, Chris Pratt. The drops are not the same as they were before (and I’m interested to ride it more and see if the drops are now randomized, which ToT at Disney World has always had, but we never did). I laughed, I screamed, my stomach felt like it flew out of my body…it was everything I could have asked for. I was not as attached to the original ToT as some so I wasn’t totally depressed with this change (though I am scared of what else we will lose as Hollywood Land becomes Marvel Land…bye bye Monsters Inc :(), and I have to say, I think the new ride is an awesome addition to DCA. I don’t love the way the tower itself looks as a backdrop in the park, but the ride is amazing, and I didn’t see a single person exiting the ride without a huge smile on their face. So I think it’s a hit.

Have you been on Mission Breakout yet? What did you think?

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