Life Right Now

Hello friends and welcome to another edition of Life Right Now. I cannot believe it is already December, and I cannot believe how often I talk about how fast time is going these days. I guess that means I’m officially old. Bleh. Well, despite it being quiet season on the wedding front, I have been slacking like nobody’s business on the blog front. I’m just not feeling super inspired these days, but hopefully I will find my mojo again soon! In the meantime, here’s what’s happening right now…

Making a couple of cute little crafts to give as Christmas gifts.
Drinking red wine! I love my summer whites, but I also enjoy the few months out of the year when the weather is cool and red wine actually sounds appealing to me.
Reading I am almost finished with the Lunar Chronicles series and it is so good!
Wanting motivation to blog again!
Playing Christmas music and all my sassy podcasts.

The Lunar Chronicles series is sooooo good!

Wishing time would slow down!
Enjoying the new seasons of Vanderpump Rules and Ladies of London. I heart you Bravo.
Waiting for the last book in the Lunar Chronicles to arrive!
Liking my work space after a huge decluttering!
Wondering if my business is going to continue to grow next year (let’s hope!).
Loving the freedom of working for myself.
Hoping I start to see some success from my blog and social media accounts.
Needing some sleep. I have turned into quite the night owl, which is great except for the rare occasions when Squirt decides to wake up early.
Wearing sweaters!!!!

The grizzly at California Adventure is also enjoying sweater weather!

Following lots of pretty bookstagram accounts, I even started one of my own! Find me @coffeebookswinerepeat!
Noticing how loquacious Squirt is turning out to be.
Knowing that it will be 2017 in the blink of an eye!
Thinking about Christmas presents I need to buy.
Anticipating the onslaught of business brought on by engagement season.
Celebrating the holidays!
Laughing at Squirt (as usual). His latest gem: Every time anyone says “Oh Squirt” (using his real name, obvs.), he responds with, “Oh [insert person’s name]”. He’s a character!
Feeling happy, content, excited, and pensive.

I just wanna pet the elephant!!!

What’s going on it your life right now? Anything exciting planned for the holidays?

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