Festival of Holidays at California Adventure

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is officially time for the holidays. Of course, it has been holiday time at Disneyland for almost a month now, but the Christmas season is really going to kick into full gear now that it is (almost) December. This year at California Adventure, there is a new celebration, the Festival of Holidays. In a nutshell, the festival is about celebrating all of the winter holidays from around the world and showcasing their different traditions. There is music, crafts, photo opps, and most importantly, food. So much food. Festival of Holidays is making good use of the Food and Wine Festival booths and serving up traditional holiday food and cocktails from all over the world. I have been able to explore the festival a couple of times in the past month, and I have really enjoyed all aspects of it so far. I hope this continues to be a holiday tradition because there is so much to do and see (and eat) that I don’t think I am going to be able to get it all in in one year. But here are some of the highlights so far!

The Festival can be found pretty easily once you walk into California Adventure. The main pathway through the park (that leads down to the pier) is lined with multiple stands like this one that have maps and info on them. You can also grab a Festival guide at the park entrances.

These booths are set up in multiple locations throughout the park, though the majority of them are stationed along the main thoroughfare. Each booth has its own theme (this is where the guide comes in handy). Most of them feature two or three food items and a specialty drink or two.

festival of holidays

There are so many different food offerings throughout the festival that I haven’t been able to try yet, but the ones I have sampled have been pretty good. I will say that the portions seem to be smaller and the prices slightly higher than they were at the Food and Wine Festival last year (and no AP discounts available), but so far everything has been tasty. This is the Brisket Potato Crouquette from the Nosh and Nibbles booth.

festival of holidays

My favorite savory item so far was the Southern Mac N Cheese (it’s supposed to have a jalepeno cornbread topping but they were out…sadface). This was super tasty, but this small portion was $7. To put it in perspective, I ate this, then went to the Corndog Castle and got a full size meal for the same price. Also, this is a cranberry cider that I was excited to try, until I watched them pour a Mike’s Hard Lemonade cranberry spritzer straight from the bottle into the cup. Wah wah. But despite all that, I would eat the mac n cheese again.

festival of holidays

Probably the best item I have eaten so far was this Praline Bourbon whoopie pie from the Winter Sliderland booth. So effing good. Definitely going to be getting another one of these before the season is over!

festival of holidays

This Kalua Pork Slider was also from the Winter Sliderland booth (duh) and was again very tasty, if not a super satisfying portion size. The pork and slaw were a good combo of flavor and texture.

festival of holidays

This is truly a super small sampling of the offerings available at the Festival of Holidays (you can visit the Disney Parks Blog for the full list if you’re interested). I am going to be making a few more trip to the parks before the holidays are over so stayed tuned to my Instagram account to see more yummy offerings!

In addition to the yummy food, Festival of Holidays also includes several live music performances throughout the day, which you should definitely look into (the schedule varies day to day). Viva Navidad is also a part of the festival, and it’s your first chance to meet Princess Elena of Avalor! There is so much to see, I really encourage you to experience it for yourself!

Have you been able to check out the Festival of Holidays? Are there any food items I must try before the end of the season? Let me know!


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