A Day at Descanso Gardens

So if you follow me on Instagram (and if you’re not, get on that and help a sister out!) you probably saw the other day that I have been suffering from a serious lack of motivation lately. Wedding season has just come to a close so I should be able to focus a lot more on the blog and some of my other side projects, but I just haven’t been able to get in my groove. Step number one in getting out of my brain funk is getting out of the house. Squirt and I have a couple of places around town that we like to go and hang out, but we have been spending a lot of time at home lately, which I think makes the days long for both of us. So we are going to be doing a lot more exploring in the coming weeks!

Luckily, we are just a short drive away from Descanso Gardens in La Canada. Just like it sounds, Descanso is a massive garden featuring all kinds of cool plants and flowers divided into different sections. The great thing about it is that it’s wide open spaces that are still contained, meaning Squirt can run around, but still not actually go very far. Now Descanso is not free, but my mom was kind enough to purchase us a family membership so it’s free for us! There is one Tuesday a month when the Gardens are open to everyone free of charge, so make sure to check their website for dates if you plan a visit (though be aware that those free days are really crowded). For today, I thought I’d give you a little tour of some of the cool things you can see at the Descanso Gardens.

My favorite section is the rose garden, which features (duh) lots and lots of different kinds of roses. The only downside is that it is mostly dirt paths here, which makes pushing a stroller difficult. But the flowers are so pretty it’s worth it.

descanso gardens

Squirt’s favorite part is (obviously) the train. The train runs Tuesdays and Fridays only, so if it’s an important feature to you, make sure you plan your trip accordingly.

This is one of my favorite spots in the Gardens, the fountain in the rose section. Probably one of the best photo ops.

Squirt’s other favorite place to visit is the Japanese Garden, which is easy to walk through with a stroller since it has wooden walkways. He loves it because there are several ponds and you can see some koi fish. He likes to lean dangerously over the water and give me a heart attack trying to watch the fish.

descanso gardens

Right near the entrance of the Gardens in the Descanso Cafe. They have a few breakfast items (and coffee, most importantly), but the main attraction is their lunch food.

Last time Squirt had a PB & J and I had the turkey sandwich. I also had a strawberry lemonade that was super tasty and very refreshing on a hot day. The food is good, but can be a little overpriced, so definitely bring snacks or a lunch if you are trying to save some cash.

I have to say, walking around the gardens today gave me a major creativity boost! I felt much more inspired after just an hour walking around. We will be visiting Descanso Gardens all the time over the coming months, as long as the weather allows. It’s a great place for the little ones to run around and explore, plus you can’t beat the beauty of nature!

What are your favorite ways to keep your little ones entertained during the day?

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