Life Right Now

Hello friends and welcome to another edition of Life Right Now. Wedding season has officially ended for me and I finally have a little time to breathe. I’m looking forward to focusing on the blog for a bit, and doing a bit of writing just for funsies (more on that later). But today we focus on the now! Right now I am….

So many good books to read!

Making some fall themed Minnie ears that I cannot wait to share with you.
Drinking lots of wine (obvs) but also starting the switch over from iced coffee to hot coffee. Yay weather!
Reading I am currently in the middle of Queen of Shadows, which is awesome but long.
Wanting it to feel like real fall for good! No more 80 degree days please!
Playing Hamilton on repeat. The PBS documentary Hamilton’s America gave me all the feels.

The Disney/Hamilton mash up buttons from Park Bound Buttons were clearly made for me!

Wishing I were in New York. I need some city love these days.
Enjoying football season, though both my fantasy teams are sucking hard core.
Waiting for the new Pantages season to start in two weeks!!!!
Liking my new ability to sleep in because it means I get to stay up late, which is when I do my best work.
Wondering if I will ever miss teaching (so far, that’s a big fat no).
Loving the freedom of working for myself.
Hoping I don’t crash and burn and have to go get a real job!
Needing a massage. And I’m pretty sure that has been my “needing” for a long time!
Wearing jeans and T-shirts, but reeeeaaalllly hoping for sweaters soon.

From my last trip to the Big Apple :o(

Following the election, even though it’s painful.
Noticing that I feel really, truly content with life for the first time in a long time.
Knowing that  the sacrifices are worth it.
Thinking about Christmas and the upcoming holidays.
Anticipating holiday decorations at Disneyland.
Celebrating all the little things.
Laughing at Squirt (as usual) who is obsessed with Boba Fett. When he spent the night with grandparents last weekend, he kept sitting up in the middle of the night and whispering “Boba Fett”; he wouldn’t lay back down until Grandma repeated it back to him.
Feeling happy, content, thankful, and at peace.

You know it’s almost Christmas time when the merch comes out!

What’s going on it your life right now? Anything exciting happening? Let me know!

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