Things That Have Pissed Me Off Lately

Hello readers and welcome to another Monday. I figured a Monday is a great day for a super ranty post about everything pissing me off lately. Things are going pretty great for me right now so not sure why I’m so impatient these days, but I’m not going to fight the feelings, I’m just going to put it out into the world so you all can feel annoyed too. You’re welcome. Things that are really pissing me off right now:


Inconsiderate people in the Starbucks Drive Thru. The idea for this post stemmed as I was waiting in line in the Starbucks drive thru that recently opened near my house. I’m going to assume that since the drive thru is new to our area, that is why people have no idea how to use it. So hopefully all my neighbors are reading this so they can learn. The drive thru is for people who are in a hurry. The drive thru is for people who want to get in and get out. The drive thru is for people who don’t have time to get out of their cars. The drive thru is not for people ordering ten frappucinos. The drive thru is not a place for you to have a conversation with the barista. The drive thru is not a place for you to explore the menu. If your order takes longer than thirty seconds to relay to the drive thru operator, you don’t belong in the drive thru.

Unavailable Podcasts. I really hate when I get in my car for a long drive, excited to listen to my favorite podcasts, and when I hit play my phone tells me the podcast is unavailable. Why you gotta play me like that iTunes?

Parents Who Don’t Support Their Children. This one stems from a recent wedding where some of the groom’s family, including his father, decided not to come. Now I obviously have no idea what the circumstances were behind the decision, but I don’t really care. As a parent, you should want your child to be happy. Period. And if your kid is happy (and in a healthy, non-abusive relationship), you shut up and be there for them. This one is a hot button for me as I have known several people in my life whose parents cut them out when they told their parents they were gay. And I have actually had people say to me in the past that I would understand why the parents acted that way once I had a child of my own. Well, the opposite is true mother effers. Now that I have a kid of my own, I cannot believe that there are parents who would cut ties with their kid because of who they love. My kid could murder someone and I would still be there to support him (after expressing some serious disappointment, obvs).


People Who Knock Hamilton. Ugh. So you want to be that person. You want to find fault with the most popular and acclaimed musical of all time. Cool story. Can you give me one legit reason (like can be substantiated with evidence reason) why? Here’s what I’ve heard: It’s too long. False. It’s shorter than several popular musicals, including Les Mis. Also, it just means more awesomeness to love. The choreography is weird. It’s called contemporary and it’s different, and ground-breaking. Oh, and it won the Tony. The raps are simplistic. This one came from someone who actually claims to have seen the play, but obviously doesn’t understand what the word simplistic means. Here are some of the words used in raps in Hamilton: ascendancy, manumission, venerate, inimitable, quagmire, parapet, reticent, intransigent, polymath, and diametrically. If you can use each of those words in a sentence, then you can call Hamilton simplistic. Also, the next time you are writing a historical musical, make sure you throw in multiple direct references to American documents written before the year 1810 and at least one quote from Shakespeare. Suck it.

This Season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Snooze. Fest. I’m so bored of all the non-conflicts, and I am over Teresa.

The Way Some Women Reacted to Donald Trump’s Recorded Conversation. Approximately zero percent of the population was surprised to hear Donald Trump saying he feels comfortable grabbing women without their permission. Not exactly a surprise. What is surprising is to hear some women defend, and even celebrate those comments. Those women must be super special unicorn women who have never been degraded by a man’s words before. I remember the first time a guy made a sexually explicit comment to me. I was twelve. A boy who shall remain nameless because we have Facebook friends in common came up to me during PE and told me that all the boys in class would get together to watch me run and then talk about my boobs (saying I developed early would be an understatement). It was the first time I can remember feeling ashamed of my body. I didn’t even really understand the full context of what he said, I just knew that I felt humiliated, and that I was obviously doing something to encourage them. Like I was responsible for them standing around and watching me, and then talking about me. So if you think locker room talk is no big deal, you’re wrong. It’s been over twenty years since I heard that comment and I remember it in great detail. And I have had body image issues ever since that moment. If you are a woman condoning those comments, you’re seriously pissing me off.


Bad Drivers Are Always Pissing Me Off. I spend a lot of time on the road on some of the most crowded freeways in the country. If you are going the speed limit in the fast lane, you’re pissing me off. If you turn or change lanes without signaling, you’re pissing me off. If you cut people off, you’re pissing me off. If you don’t know how to merge, you’re pissing me off.

I actually feel a little bit better! I hope I didn’t entirely ruin your Monday. Feel free to vent to me about what is pissing you off in the comments.

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