Restaurant Review: Earl of Sandwich

In my opinion, Earl of Sandwich is one of the better additions to Downtown Disney to come along in a while. Earl of Sandwich (obviously) serves sandwiches, but also has a good selection of salads, pizza, and fresh and healthy items like fruit cups. They also have some delicious not so healthy items like cupcakes and beer. What I love about Earl of Sandwich is that in addition to being tasty, it is fast and convenient. We have eaten here several times after picking up race packets, and it seemed like the perfect place to eat after a long afternoon swim at the Disneyland Hotel.

On our most recent trip, I ordered the caprese sandwich, which comes with spinach, tomato, mozzarella, and a balsamic vinaigrette. This is one of my favorite caprese sandwiches out there, I think because the vinaigrette is lighter than the pesto that comes on most caprese options.

Matt ordered the Hawaiian BBQ sandwich, which comes with chicken, ham, pineapple, Swiss cheese, and BBQ sauce. I hadn’t tried this one before so I of course made him give me a bite and it was really good. I will definitely be ordering this one in the future.

We ordered the kids’ turkey and cheese for Squirt, and he actually ate the whole thing (thank you swimming!). We also got some fresh fruit and two beers (for Matt and me, obvs). While the meal was on the higher end of what we would normally spend on a quick service meal, it was still cheaper than a meal in the park and definitely just as tasty (if not even tastier). If you are looking for a quick and yummy place to grab a sandwich or salad in Downtown Disney, Earl of Sandwich is definitely a good place to check out. Considering that most of the restaurants in Downtown Disney are full service, Earl of Sandwich is a great option for something a little more casual.

What’s your favorite place to grab a quick bite at Disneyland?

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