Get Your Wine On with Glassful

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Happy Friyay friends! Since Friday is the international day for getting your drink on, I thought I would take some time today to talk to you about one of my favorite subjects: wine. I love me some wine. And what is better than wine? Amazing wine at a price I can afford (and I’m self-employed now so I can’t afford much!). What’s better than amazing wine at a price I can afford? When that wine is delivered to my door. Holla. Enter Glassful. Glassful is kind of like a subscription box, but like way better than most subscription boxes. Because wine.

Okay, you get it, there’s wine involved and that makes me happy. So here’s how Glassful works. You take a little quiz about your tastes and Glassful’s expert sommeliers match you with three bottles. Those bottles are shipped to your door. You drink and enjoy your wine and then rate the bottles on Glassful’s site. The next month, you get three new bottles. The more you drink and rate, the better Glassful gets to know your tastes and can really refine your wine choices. I mean, as a busy mom, wine being delivered to my door is like my greatest wish come true. I received my first box from Glassful a couple of weeks ago and a) was super excited at the quality of wine I received and b) was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of other little goodies in the box too. Check out what came in my box:

Three bottles of wine, chocolate, matches, a sticker, a super cute little notepad and pencil, and a sample of toothpaste (which is necessary after drinking a bottle of red wine).

Despite feeling like a wine connoisseur, I’m really not. What I did recently discover when Matt and I opened our five year anniversary wine bottle (we had guests sign different wine bottles as our guest book) is that wine that has been aged tastes better (yes, I know, duh). So I knew that the reds included in my Glassful box were going to be great. I haven’t actually opened this 2011 red blend from Terra Bella yet because I want to save it for something more special than a Tuesday night dinner. But I have a feeling it’s not going to last too much longer in our house.

Naturally, I went straight for the white wine that was included in the box, a 2010 Riesling from Walla Faces. Riesling is not usually my go to, but I really enjoyed this one (again, might have something to do with the age). It wasn’t too sweet and had a really easy finish. Definitely a great summer wine.

We enjoyed this 2012 Pinot Noir from Jeff Hill this past week and it was tasty. I love Pinot Noir and I was glad we had a semi cool day this week so that I could feel good about busting open a red. Matt is not a huge wine drinker, but he really liked this one too. Pinot Noir is usually a smooth red and this was no exception. This is one that I would look for again.

Overall I was really impressed with the quality of wine that I received in my Glassful box. I can definitely see myself becoming a big fan of their wine subscription service, but they also have an amazing wine shop on their website that allows you to purchase single bottles at a huge discount–we’re talking a $65 bottle of wine for $30. But really, in my ever so humble wine-loving opinion, the monthly subscription is the way to go. For only $54 per month, you receive $180 worth of wine. But hold on y’all, if you click this link right here to sign up, you get your first box for just $44. Amazeballs.  Do yourselves a favor, friends, and head to Glassful. Sign up and get some delicious wines delivered right to your door. You can thank me later. Have a great weekend everyone!

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